Import and export of hunting guns

1. Hunting guests from the EU-countries: In the future, there is no need for gun import licence any more. According to the New York Convention, hunting guns can be transported only with a European Firearms Pass. The invitation letter made up by Sevako Ltd., however, will be necessary in the future, too! At the border, there is no need for registration any more, you can simply cross the border. At the airport, however, guns will be controlled in the future too!

2. Information for hunting guests from non-EU-countries:

Import and export of hunting guns At certain border crossing points (Please see below), you can apply for a gun import licence with the invitation letter sent by Sevako Ltd., with the declaration sheet and with your valid hunting card in your country/gun documents on payment of approximately 13,- Euro. The gun import licence has to be left at the Hungarian border without warning! In order to apply for a gun import licence, you can cross the border only at the following border cross points. Nickelsdorf-Hegyeshalom, Airport Budapest-Ferihegy.

Why to choice us?

In service of hunters since 1991
The SEVAKO Company is one of the leading hunting agencies in Hungary with experienced colleagues organizing hunting trips in Hungary for many years.

Full palette of hunting trips in Hungary
We offer you hunting for big game - in course of individual and common hunting - , as well as for small game in state-owned, private areas and areas owned by hunting associations in whole Hungary. We can organize hunting for all game living in Hungary.

About 600 satisfied hunters of SEVAKO yearly
As it is about hunting, there is no guarantee for shooting, however, our hunting guests bag about 2000 big game yearly. It is important for us that our clients should feel secure during hunting in Hungary. The personal presence is essential and the hunting guests are accompanied by the staff in the preserve.

Excellent local knowledge and familiarity with game stock
All SEVAKO colleagues have a direct personal contact with the local staff of preserves and they have own experiences about hunting in various areas. Therefore we always know the state of game management of the individual preserves.

Legal security, reliability
The hunting guests of SEVAKO have a contractual relationship with a well-known, experienced, registered hunting agency with a secure financial background. In this way, the professional and complete administration, the financial security as well as the correctness and discretion are guaranteed.