General Terms and Conditions



SEVAKO Ltd is an agent and not a hunting operator. By booking you authorise us to make a contract with the Hungarian hunting area and to possibly book hotel rooms or transfers from airports.



When we receive your written (post, fax or e-mail) booking we will draw up a contract, which includes the game species, dates, hunting area, board and lodging, price and other conditions. Only when you sign the copy of the contract and this signed copy has been received by Sevako Ltd and the required deposit has also been received is the booking binding for both parties.



SEVAKO is not responsible when a client does not or can not shoot the game species he/she booked. SEVAKO will only try to make this possible for its clients, but guarantees no success.



Upon signing the contract you will receive documents from SEVAKO regarding the import of your firearms and directions on how to reach the hunting area. The hunting licence and hunting insurance which SEVAKO will get for you and the list of trophies which you have booked you will receive when you arrive in the hunting area. Non EU citizens must apply for a firearms import licence at the border themselves, with the help of the invitation and declaration form sent to them by SEVAKO.



All game animals shot by you and any services you have used will be listed in the shooting list. By signing this you agree that the list is correct, which is the basis of the invoice. Missed shots and the reasons for not shooting the species which you have booked are also listed in the hunting report.
Any complaint on your part must be written down in the hunting report, as they will otherwise not be accepted.
The price of the trophies is calculated on the weight or mass measured in the hunting area – 24 hours after being cleaned – this will be written in the trophy list and signed by both the hunting organiser and the client. These are the weights or masses to be used to calculate the price of the trophy. With disputes the weight or mass will be decided by the Trophy Assessment Commission and this is binding to both the client and SEVAKO Ltd. Payment is to be made either directly in the hunting area to a representative of SEVAKO or later by telegraphic transfer. The invoice will be in Euros. Any deposits made will be subtracted from the total amount. Payment should be cash, cheque or telegraphic transfer. Credit cards are not accepted.



The assessment of the trophies by the Trophy Assessment Commission has to be arranged by the client, but this can be done in the hunting area, after making arrangements. The assessment is dutiable. If you wish to take your trophies with you directly after the hunt, you should plan your trip so that the trophy assessment can be made on the last day of your hunt or on your return journey. SEVAKO will gladly send your trophies to you, but this often means extra costs and long delays. The costs for keeping the trophies in the hunting area, delivering them to and collecting them from the Trophy Assessment Commission and delivering them to the SEVAKO head office in Pápa, postage costs and possible insurance are all cost to be paid by the client.



SEVAKO is responsible for planning your hunt and booking your accommodation, for choosing the hunting area, and for the correct description of the hunting offers at the time of sending them to you.
SEVAKO is not liable at any time for the success or failure of your hunting. Should you be prevented from shooting due to bad weather, or through fault of the professional hunter, your deposit will be returned by telegraphic transfer less any services already rendered to you.

Any complaints must be made on the spot and you should ask for them to be remedied. Should you receive no help in this matter, you must write your complaints down on the trophy list. Complaints received after the hunt that are not included on the trophy list, will not be accepted. Any claims must be sent in writing to SEVAKO within four weeks of the end of your hunting trip.



The hunt should not be cancelled without a valid reason when the contract has been signed. If, however, it is necessary to do so, it is possible to cancel a hunt as follows:
  • 1. If a deposit has been paid as in the contract, the cancellation is
    • a) penalty free if received up to 30 days before the hunt (however, for the red stag and fallow buck rutting between 15th April and 10th May and by all forms of driven hunts the notice period is 60 days).
    • b) 50% of the deposite will be returned if received 30–9 days before the hunt start (however, for the red-stag and fallow buck rutting and for roebuck between 15th April and 10th May and by all forms of driven hunts the notice period is 60–31 days).
    • c) the whole of the deposite is forfeit if the cancellation is received 8 days before the hunt starts or no cancellation is made and the hunter does not arrive (however, for the red-stag and fallow buck rutting and for roebuck between 15th April and 10th May and by all forms of driven hunts the notice period is 30 days).
  • 2. Should there be no deposit required by contract, the cancellation fee of *200 per hunter is to be paid. This sum includes the costs of the hunting licence and the insurance from the Hungarian authorities and the administrational charges of SEVAKO.
  • 3. Big shooting parties, for example wild boar drives and pheasant shoots, and hunts during the best time in the red-deer rutting, can arrange for a special cancellation agreement.
SEVAKO will return any deposit to a hunting guest, minus above mentioned penalties or, if the guest wishes, keep it as a deposit for his/her next hunt in Hungary.



Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to cancel a journey that has been booked. This is not only extremely annoying, but it can also be expensive. A hunt for some game species can be difficult to sell again at short notice. For this reason all travel operators around the world have high cancellation charges.
As there is no cancellation insurance included in the price for a hunting trip, we recommend that you take out insurance for your own safety; so that you are protected against the high costs should you have to cancel.
You can take out this insurance at the same time that you sign the hunting contract and by paying the sum asked be protected against the high costs should you not be able to make the journey. If you are interested please request the detailed informational material from us.



Should a guest abort a hunt, for what ever reason, the full arrangement costs must be paid. All extra costs for change of bookings, transfers, hotel costs etc. will in this case have to be paid by the client.



Should it not be possible to clear any differences in a friendly manner, both parties must comply with the decision of the Arbitration Court of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in Budapest.



Should you have any problems during your journey or hunt, one of our employees can be always reach by telephone. During office hours 08.00–16.30 Monday to Friday please call our office under 0036/89-313 578 or 0036/89-312 061. After hours please use the emergency number that which is on the contract sent to you by SEVAKO.

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