General information to hunting in Hungary

Foreign Hunters

Every hunter requires a valid Hungarian hunting licence which is issued when the hunting contract is signed. This means that foreign nationals are only allowed to hunt in Hungary when they are in possession of a hunting licence issued by the Ministry of Agriculture (FVM) in their name (non EU hunters also need a firearms import licence). Licences are only issued where a valid contract is signed with a hunting agent or organiser (e.g. SEVAKO Ltd). Such a hunting licence is only issued to a guest when he/she is in possession of a valid hunting licence in his/her home country. The hunting licence, firearms licences (European Firearms Certificate or firearms import licence) and passport must accompany the hunting guest at all times during hunting. Hunting may only take place in the areas cited in the contract and for the game listed.

Information for hunters on entering or leaving Hungary

Hunting guests from the European Union
Passport: Passports are still controlled on all borders in Hungary
Customs: Random checks can be made and as is practice in the EU, mobile customs officers can make controls up to approx. 30 km from the borders.

Importing firearms

A firearms import licence is not necessary for EU citizens as stated in the New York Agreement. Firearms are allowed accompanied by a European Firearms Certificate.
An invitation, written by Sevako Ltd must accompany the firearms. It is not necessary to declare the firearms at the border, you can simply drive through. At airports, however, firearms will be strictly controlled.
To export trophies the paid invoice and trophy document are necessary, should there be a control by customs.

Information for hunting guests NOT from the European Union:

Import and export of firearms: With an invitation letter from Sevako Ltd and with a declaration form or your own hunting licence/firearms papers you can apply for a firearms import licence at the Hungarian border (costs approx. *13). The only borders where you can apply for this licence are Nickelsdorf- Hegyeshalom and the Budapest-Ferihegy Airport. The firearms import licence is to be handed back to the officials on leaving the country.

To export trophies from Hungary/EU (in case you wish to take your trophies with you) you need the paid invoice, the trophy documents and a veterinary certificate from the State Veterinarian. These documents will be given to you either by Sevako Ltd or the hunting company itself. Please find out what papers your country requires to import trophies before you leave.

Transport of Arms and Ammunition

Arms and ammunition must be transported separately. In public areas, towns, hotels, restaurants etc. and in vehicles arms may only be carried unloaded and in a gun case. On Airplanes: The firearms must be transported in a stable gun case, the ammunition in its original box – max. 5 kg – in a separate case which must be checked in. Several airlines require that the bolt is removed from your rifle and transported separately but not in your hand luggage. It is recommended to take the rifle scope off your rifle, to wrap it well and put in the gun case. Please note! Some airlines refuse to carry firearms. Please check with the airline before booking. Foreign guests are not allowed to give his/her firearms or ammunition to other persons.

Hunting rifles for big game

Only calibres with energy above 2,500 Joules or more is allowed for big game. The exception is roe-deer where the energy of the calibre can be 1,000 Joules or more. Wild boar may also be shot with shotguns (slugs-brenneke). Automatic or semi-automatic firearms are forbidden in Hungary! Although the hunting species vary in Hungary we recommend the universal calibre of 30–06 Springfield for all hunts. The most important thing is, however, that you are at ease with your firearm.

Recommended Calibres for Hunting in Hungary

Calibre Red Deer Stag Roe Deer Wild Boar Fallow Deer Moufflon
.222 - 6,5 mm
.270 Win
7x57, 7x64, 7x65 R
7 mm Rem 1
.308 Win
.300 Win.Mag
8x57 JR / JRS / JS
8 x 68 S
9,3x62 / 64 / 74 R
.375H&H Mag.
partly suitable suitable

Hunting Law in Hungary

All hunting clients are required to accept the imposed regulations. This also applies to trophy assessment. The hunting organisation has the right to stop a hunt, without compensation to the client, should these regulations be violated. A fine is due if a client shoots an animal during the closed season or against the orders of the professional hunter or the hunting organisation, or shoots an animal in their absence. Hunting will be terminated if a client is under the influence of alcohol, and the client can be banned from further hunting. In this case the full costs of the hunt will be refunded.

Trophy Measurement

In Hungary the trophies of red and fallow deer are weighed with full skull and top jaw without deductions twenty-four hours after having been cleaned. Roebuck skulls will have 90 g deducted. The trophy price of moufflon is calculated by taking the middle length of both horns, wild boar by the average length of both tusks along the outside edge.

Trophy transportation

All trophies belong to SEVAKO Ltd or the hunting organisation until they have fully been paid for. Unless other arrangements have been made, trophies will not be delivered or handed over until the full hunting and trophy costs and any shipping or postal costs have been paid.

Further Information

All clients are responsible themselves for all passport, visa, customs, exchange and other regulations under public law.

The hunting seasons for Hungarian game animals are to be found in the current price list of SEVAKO Ltd.

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