Useful Informations about Hunting in Hungary, Important notes

Protocol of hunting

After the hunting, a shooting list is made up which has to be signed by the hunting guest and the professional hunter in companion. In this protocol, all services and shots are written down that build the base of the final account if these services and shots are organised by SEVAKO. The hunting guest declares with his/her signature that the facts written down in the protocol are correct. All these are valid especially for the measure of trophies, for the number of trophies and for the services written down in the protocol. The payment of the account is due after receive of the account without delay. If there is no other arrangement, the payment has to be transacted through our agency. Further, the protocol is the essential condition for complaint. Complaints have to be done on the spot and you have to ask for help to remedy the problem. If you do not get any help for resolving the problem, you have to take a protocol about the complaint in English and in Hungarian immediately and the protocol should be signed by the local hunting organizer, the hunting guest and the interpreter. It is important to mention the word "Complaint". No complaints are accepted after leaving the spot.

Bad shots and the cause of a missed killing of game are remarked in the hunting protocol.

At the request of the hunter, stricken game is hunted for after the hunting guest left the area, if he engages himself to pay the shot price and the transport costs of the trophy. The weight of trophy determined by the management of the hunting area has to be accepted.

Sevako do not take responsibility for any arrangements with the hunting area, which are not confirmed written by Sevako, even if these arrangements are noted in the hunting protocol.

Rules of hunting law in the host country

All hunting guests are obliged to accept the legally binding rules in the country of hunting. All these are valid for the judgment of trophies, too. In the case, if the hunting rules are ignored, the organiser is entitled to suspend the hunting without any claim of recourse. If the guest kills a game during the close season or despite the prohibition of the professional hunter or the organiser of the given hunting or in their presence, an additional fine has to be paid for the shot. In the case, if the hunter is influenced by alcohol, the hunting can be interrupted or the hunter can be prohibited to shoot. In this case, the total amount of the accommodation has to be paid.

No guarantee for shot

SEVAKO does not guarantee in principle that the guest really shoots/can shoot the contracted game. SEVAKO will make all efforts possible to ensure the opportunity for the hunting guest to shoot the contracted game. In isolated cases, different rules need a written arrangement.

Taking away of trophies

The trophies remain in the property of Sevako or of the hunting area until they are not paid completely. If there is no other arrangement, the trophies will be delivered only after the payment of charges of hunting, trophies and delivery. The price of delivery are to be found in the current price list of Sevako.


All visitors are obliged to observe the passport, visa, currency and customs regulations and all rules of public law.

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