Vértesi Forestry J.S.C.

In the Vértes Mountains, hunting traditions and game management have a long history. The reward for the careful workof the forestry company is that the hunting guests come back to the Vértes Forests year after years, thus paying tribute to their reputation.

This forestry area has 43,000 ha, of which 30,888 ha are used for hunting. The company works together with the land own-ers to ensure correct game management and to protect the game population. The hunting areas are 80% covered in forest. Themost common trees are the oak and the white oak, which together with many other tree species and plants offer red deer, fal-low deer, roe deer, moufflon and wild boar an appropriate habitat.
The hunting areas are well equipped with all that is needed for hunting and plenty of food is planted for the game. Huntingcars (4x4), horse carts and sleighs are all available to the hunters.
Hunting guests are accommodated in hunting lodges of 1st and 2nd Class.


Nr. of the hunting field: 92

This forestry has a hunting area of 7,500 ha. The area is 25 km from the motorway M1 and Székesfehérvár and is 96% covered in forest. The varied flora and the meadows between the blocks of forests satisfy the needs of all the animals. Apart from fallow deer all other game can be found in the area.
The trophy quality of the red deer and moufflon is average. There are many wild boars in the hunting area. Guests whotake part in drive hunts during the winter months will be happy with the results. The daily bag is 10-15 wild boars. Horse sleighs and carts are available which can make the hunt more enjoyable.

Accommodation is in the Vérteskozma Hunting Lodge. Vérteskozma is in the heart of the Csákvár hunting area, in the Fáni valley and this comfortable hunting lodge has two double rooms and one three-bed room and offers home cooking to the guests.


Nr. of the hunting field: 93

This hunting area of 4,513 ha is 20 km from the town of Tatabánya in the northern part of the Vértes mountains. The area is 87% forest. The quality of the red deer and moufflon trophies is average, but the wild boars have good tusks. It rains more often this area, which means that ponds and streams have be created. In the spring this area offers woodcock hunters good hunting experiences.

Accommodation: Hunters can be accommodated in a guesthouse in Pusztavám or in a hunting lodge in Mocsárberek.


Nr. of the hunting field: 94

This hunting area of 8,082 ha which belongs to the Vértesi Forestry is to be foundon the western parts of the Gerecse Mountains, although the area Körtvélyes-Síkvölgy in the Vértes mountains also belongs to this hunting area. 71% of the Vértestolna area is forested. The amount of game annually shot is high regarding these circumstances, which is a sign that the area can hold more game than normal and the game management is excellent. This area has one of the best reddeer populations in the Gerecse Mountains, and the moufflon population is also very good. The wild boar population is good, while the fallow deer is only mediocre. Hunting old roebuck, or roebuck with abnormal antlers offers hunters an interesting experience. Drive hunts in the winter in the open areas bring 20-30 heads of game.

Accommodation: The Koldusszállás Hunting Lodge is located in a beautiful, quiet area near the town of Tatabánya, about 5 minutes from the motorway M1. This 2nd Class lodge, was renovated in 2003 and has 3 double rooms and 2 single rooms. The 1st Class Vértestolna Hunting Lodge was also renovated in 2003 and has 4 double rooms with bathrooms. Both lodges offer their guests good service and real homecooking.

Annual Shooting List:

Red Deer Stags 4-9 kg 40 25 86
Red Deer Hinds 80 50 230
Fallow Bucks - - 5
Fallow Does - - 10
Roebucks 150-250 g 25 15 67
Roe Does, Kids 50 30 126
Moufflons 60-80 cm 20 10 39
Moufflon Ewes, Lambs 30 20 98
Wild Boar total 100 90 520
Boars (Tuskers) 12-20 cm 15 10 70

Hunting Seasons:Woodcock05th March-10th April
Roebuck01st May-10th August
Roe Deer Rut25th July-10th August
Red Deer Rut12th-30th September
Moufflon15th October-28th Februar

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