Vadex Mezőföld J.S.C.

These historical hunting areas, well known all over Europe, have been managing game for many years with great success. About 1,500-2,000 heads of game and 10,000 game birds are shot per year, mostly by foreign hunters. The excellent quality of the game and the high level of the hunts and service lure more and more hunters to Mezőföld.

Székesfehérvár and Sárrét with its reed-beds and rivers were always an Eldorado for fish and water fowl. The forests of the Bakony and Vértes mountains the woods and meadows were even earlier full of game.
It was probably important that Prince Géza laid the foundation stone for Székesfehérvár in 1972 in the heart of the region. This oldest of the Hungarian towns, where in the later centuries 37 Hungarian kings were crowned and 14 kings were buried, was the most important culture and trade centre up until the time of the Turks. Many royal hunts are immortalized in the chronicles of the town.
Later the forests were planted by the land owners who imported game and built fences. During the World Wars the game was almost completely extinct. The Mezőföld Forestry manages 16,500 ha of forest and hunting areas of 30,000 ha.

This J.S.C. has the biggest and best stocked fenced areas in Hungary, with very good opportunities for hunting all game.
Vért (Red deer, wild boar and fallow deer) 875 ha
Fehérvárcsurgó (Red deer, wild boar and fallow deer) 842 ha
Tímár (Red deer, wild boar and fallow deer) 819 ha
Vál (Red deer, wild boar, fallow deer and moufflon) 653 ha
Vadhányás (Wild boar) 510 ha
Soponya (Wild boar) 436 ha
Tác-Belsőbáránd (Wild boar) 563 ha

One particular advantage of hunting in fenced areas is that the hunting seasons do not apply. So one can hunt behind fences at such times when it is not permitted in the wide open.

The hunting clients of Vadex J.S.C. have also many other opportunities for leisure activities besides hunting: relaxing, taking pictures, videos, driving with a horse and coach or fishing. The quietness and the fresh air will help you unwind. The hunting lodges belonging to the Vadex J.S.C. are situated in the woods and very suitable for guests, who wish to get away from it all, whilst enjoying Hungarian dishes.


Nr. of the hunting field: 90

This hunting area of 9,500 ha is in Mezőföld-Sárrét. The region is divided by the river "Ős-Sárviz". There are fish ponds and lakes on both sides of the river Sárviz, which create a wonderful paradise for water fowl. In the north-eastern part of the area are the Báránd Woods of 400 ha which are famous for pheasant and duck shoots. Out of the possible game birds, the pheasant, wild duck and geese are very popular. On a pheasant shoot there are between 8-12 different drives daily.
Roe deer and wild boars may be hunted. This area has a fenced area of 436 ha for wild boars (Soponya or Csirip), in which drive hunts are arranged two or three days per year. This area is approx. 1 km away from the hunting lodge Soponya. Half of this fenced area is covered with woods, reeds and water.

Accommodation: Soponya Hunting Lodge (1st class) offers its guests luxurious conditions. There are 2 apartments and 9 rooms, each with its own bathroom. Báránd Hunting Lodge has two rooms. This house is usually used as a changing room before and after hunting, for a social gathering before the laying out of the trophy animals (tableau) and is also used for dinner. Therefore the guests are accommodated in the Soponya hunting lodge.


Nr. of the hunting field: 89

This area lies in the north-eastern part of the Fejér County, between the villages of Alcsútdoboz and Etyek. This is a hilly region with differences in height. The trees are planted on loess and this ground is impassable when wet. The area is crossed by the Szent Lászlo stream, which offers a beautiful view. It is mostly a big game hunting area, with the possibility to hunt for red deer, fallow deer, moufflon and wild boar. There is a wild boar fenced area of 360 ha.

Accommodation: The newly renovated Vért Hunting Lodge has five double rooms with shower. 1st class. The restaurant can seat 25 guests and the menu offers the venison dishes of the region and the admirable wines of the Etyeker region.


Nr. of the hunting field: 88

This hunting area of 1,166 ha lies 40 km west of Budapest. The forest consist of oak, acacia and pine trees. It is a good hunting area and known for its excellent game population. This area offers all aboriginal Hungarian game an optimal habitat: red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, moufflon and wild boar are to be found. The red deer stags have an antler weight under 7 kg, the fallow bucks 2.5-4kg, moufflon a horn length of 70-90 cm. Wild boar drive hunts take place in a fenced area of 653 ha.

Accommodation: Vál Hunting Lodge 1st class
There is an apartment and 6 double rooms with single beds, all with bathrooms.


Nr. of the hunting field: 87

This hunting area of 6,300 ha lies about 35 km from Szekesfehérvár. The countryside is hilly, partly covered with oak forests.
It is a big game area and offers ideal habitat for red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, moufflon and wild boar. Every year there are stags shot with an antler weight of over 10 kg. Fallow bucks with antlers weighing under 4 kg are also possible. There is a fenced area of 820 ha that was built thirty years ago. Red deer, fallow deer and wild boars can be shoot there on single hunts as well as drive hunts for wild boars.

Accommodation: Tímár Hunting Lodge 1st and 2nd class
There is 1 apartment and 3 double rooms with single beds. The lodge is well known for its excellent cuisine.


Nr. of the hunting field: 85

This area lies in the north eastern Fejér County, near the town Mór. This area is part of the Mecsérpuszta hunting area, situated between the two fenced areas of Fehérvárcsurgó and Tímár, and is 10 km from Fehérvárcsurgó Hunting Lodge and 7 km from the Tímár Hunting Lodge. The area belongs to the East-Bakony Mountains, near the village of Bodajk. To the west the area is bordered by the "Aka" stream. The southern and eastern sides are bordered by the main road, which joins the towns of Mór and Zirc. The hunting area is sometimes steep with altitude differences of up to 100 m.
The woods of oak, maple, ash, acacia and lime trees are of no great value to the forestry and have thick underwood which offers an ideal habitat for the game animals, particularly for wild boar. Therefore, the most important game species is the wild boar, which is mostly shot on drive hunts. There are a few red and roe deer in the hunting area.

Accommodation: This area has no hunting lodge and the guests are accommodated in the hunting lodges of Fehérvárcsurgó and Tímár.


Nr. of the hunting field: 86

This area is 20 km from Székesfehérvár at the eastern bottom of the Bakony Mountains. This hunting area has 5,800 ha, 29% woodland and is 135-350 m above sea-level. In the heart of the area is a Park, created by the family of Count Károlyi and Japanese Sika deer can be found here. In this hunting area almost all animals typical in Hungary can be found: red deer, roe deer, moufflon and wild boars. We recommend this area to hunting guests who want to shoot red deer stags of up to 10 kg and moufflon of 65-85 cm. There is an 842 ha fenced area where 200-240 wild boars are shot each year, with 100 boars; 60 of which have tusks longer than 18 cm.

Accommodation: Fehérvárcsurgó Hunting Lodge 1st and 2nd class
Two apartments and 7 double rooms with single beds. The beautiful Gaja valley, the good climate and the comfortable hunting lodge offer guests an excellent possibility to relax.

Annual Hunting List:

Game Species Soponya Belsőbáránd Vál Vért Tímár Vadhányás Fehérvárcsurgó
Hunting Area 8 840 ha 613 ha 1 166 ha 4 285 ha 14 040 ha
Fenced 436 ha 563 ha 653 ha 875 ha 819 ha 510 ha 842 ha
Red Deer Stags 5-11 kg - 5 25 25 30 5 30
Red Deer Hinds - - 25 40 40 5 30
Fallow Buck 2,5-4,5 kg - - 8 6 8 - -
Fallow Does - - 8 10 12 - -
Moufflon Rams 65-90 cm - - 8 5 - - 5
Moufflon Ewes and Lambs - - 5 5 - - 5
Wild Boar (female, young) 200 100 180 200 180 200 200
Boars (Tuskers) 14-22 cm 80 40 70 80 70 80 70
Wild ducks 400 - - - - -
Pheasants - 10 000 - - - - -
Wild Geese 100

Hunting seasons:Roebuck15th April-30th September
Roe Deer Rut25th July-10th August
Red Deer1st September-31st January
Red Deer Rut01st September-15th October
Fallow Deer15th September-31st January
Moufflonall the year
Boar (Tusker)all the year
Wild Boar drivingNovember-Januar

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