The East-Zala Hills and the Kis-Balaton (Small Balaton Lake)

Zala - the name of the hills to the west of Balaton whose valleys all run in a north-south direction, sounds familiar to many foreign guests, mainly because the excellent reputation of the red deer population which lives here. This area has many streams and small rivers which have formed deep valleys between the hills. The most important river is the Zala, which springs in the "Őrség" region and gathers all the small rivulets and in the end runs through the Kis-Balaton into the Balaton itself.

Apart from the surface water there are many hot springs with healing water. The spa at Hévíz is the most famous and its healing waters come from an underground thermal lake. This is one of the areas in Hungary with the most rain and it is also the coldest, with the alpine climate of Austria and Slovenia influencing the temperature. Beech forests and pine forests cover the hills. With regard to the agriculture of the region, crops are cultivated which require a lot of rain and lower temperatures. Apart from the varied flora, there is a lot of game in this area: particularly the red deer which have good trophies. Beside the red deer, the roe deer, with moderate trophies and wild boars can be hunted. In the wet areas, waterfowl, including wild duck and geese, can be hunted in winter. On the eastern side of the area the reed-beds, swampy meadows, small woods, small and larger open expanses of water of the Kis-Balaton offer an ideal habitat for all flora and fauna of this wonderful world of water. Most of the region belongs to the Balaton National Park. In these protected, undisturbed, reedy and swampy areas the red deer and wild boar feel at home. The National Park gives our company the rights to shoot a few roebuck and stags every year.

As previously mentioned, the red deer is the most important game species, the red deer stags have excellent trophies. Antlers weighing over 10 kg are not rare. A stag shot in Hahót by Mr. Morton Lee in 1985, with antlers weighing 17.26 kg, is still the record. The rutting in September is the best time to hunt old stags. In the rutting places, which have been known for centuries, the experienced professional hunters can almost guarantee their hunting guests will shoot a stag with the desired trophy size. The best rutting places are to be found in the almost impassable, reedy, swampy alder thickets, which are sometimes several hundred hectares in size and are usually along one of the many waterways. Apart from raised hide hunting, in areas which have been carefully selected through years of experience, morning stalking is also exciting. In the late autumn and winter it is also possible to shoot smaller stags in the Zalaer hunting areas.

Roebuck and wild boar can also be successfully hunted. On roebuck hunts, from the end of April to the beginning of May and during rutting at the beginning of August, hunters can expect trophies weighing 200-400 g, although roebuck are shot every year exceeding 400 g. Guests can combine roebuck and wild boar hunting from high seats in the evening. In autumn and winter it is possible to hunt wild boars either as a single hunt or on drive hunts. There are no particularly big wild boars, but a boar with tusks of over 20 cm can appear every once in a while. On silent driven hunts one can shoot red deer hinds as well as wild boars.


Nr. of the hunting field: 126

This 3,600 ha hunting area has one of the best red deer populations in the world. In 1985 an American hunter, Mr. Morton Lee, shot a stag of 17.26 kg which was, for a long time, the biggest stag in the world. This area lies in the characteristic hill country of the Zala Hills and is divided by flat, low plains. Most of the area is farming land and is cultivated with maize, wheat, barley and rape. The rest of the area is woodland or reed-beds. The hunting area is well supplied with water and three permanent rivers flow through it from north to south. During rutting 300-350 red deer live there.
There are plenty of wild boar, as well as a moderate roe deer population with antlers of 300-350 g. Hunting is either done from raised hides or stalking. Each year drive hunts for wild boars take place, where 10-15 guests shoot 10-20 wild boars. The area is well equipped and well managed. 3-4 hunting guests may hunt at the same time.

Hunting Area: 3,600 ha with 30% wood land (oak, beech, alder, acacia.)

Accommodation: Guest House Golden Trophy, 1st and 2nd class

This guest house lies close to the hunting area, near to the village of Bak, approx. 1 km from where the main roads 74 (E65) and the 75 meet at a crossroad. The guest house is also a hunting lodge and lies in the middle of a wooded area. On the ground floor of the guest house is a large function room with many trophies. On one side of this room is the dining area. There is a telephone, fax and a garage available to guests. On the first floor there are 5 double rooms and 1 single room, each with bathroom, television and fridge. Within a radius of 30 km are Lake Balaton, the Zalakaros, Héviz Spa's and the airport of Sármellék.

Annual Game List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 24 5-12 kg
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 54
Roebucks 18 200-350 g
Roe Does, Kids 28
Wild Boar total 80
Boars (Tuskers) 21
Driven Boars 10 16-22 cm

Hunting Seasons - Roe Deer Rut: 21st July-1st August
Red Deer Rut: 8th-18th September.
The first two weeks in October are often good as well.


Nr. of the hunting field: 127

This 4,400 ha hunting area is in the Zala Hills south-east of the town of Zalaegerszeg, in the valley of the Szévíz stream. The well watered meadows are full of reeds and bushes, and the woods (35%) offer the game an excellent habitat. The area is cultivated with wheat, maize, rape and sunflower. Due to these advantageous conditions, this is undoubtedly a big game area and it offers red deer and wild boars an excellent habitat.
Thanks to the characteristic biotope of Zala the red deer here are numerous and the quality of the trophies is outstanding and red deer stags with excellent antlers are often shot. The wild boars offer the opportunity of single hunts the whole year round, but drive hunts in winter are just as successful. The roe deer trophies are of average quality with the antlers seldom exceeding 350 g.

Annual Game List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 18

5-12 kg
(in the rut only over 7 kg!!!)

Red Deer Hinds, Calves 42
Roebucks 20 200-400 g
Roe Does, Kids 40
Wild Boar total 110
Boars (Tuskers) 20 12-18 cm


Nr. of the hunting field: 128

This 11,800 area, with a 4,000 ha forest, is one of the best habitats for red deer in Hungary and is at the moment one of the best hunting areas in Zala County. Most of the forest belongs to the State. The farmland is a co-operative and is cultivated with corn, maize, sunflower and rape.
In this area, where the fields are interspersed with swamps and reed-beds, red deer find an ideal habitat. About, 40-45 red deer stags are shot per year, some antlers over 10 kg and a further 14-15 stags have trophies weighing 7-10 kg. Foreign hunting guests shoot about 30 stags a year. The rutting starts at the beginning of September and goes on until the beginning of October. There is often a second rutting here from the middle of October.
Around 60 roebucks are shot per year; the antlers seldom weigh more than 400 g. There are also many wild boars and there are several drive hunts organised every year. There are a head forester and three other professional hunters working for the cooperative. 5-6 guests can hunt at the same time.

Accommodation: Ligetfalva Hunting Lodge 1st class.

The Ligetfalva hunting lodge belonging to the company lies in a woodland near the village of Ligetfalva on the right hand side of the road. It was built about 15 years ago and was renovated 2 years ago. There are 7 double rooms with bathroom, and a covered veranda, where guests can relax during the day. There is a small hunting house next door with 2 two-bed rooms with one shower and toilet available to guests. There are several excursions possible such as the world famous Spa in Hévíz, or the town of Keszthely (Festetics Palace and Hunting Museum on the banks of Lake Balaton).

Annual Game List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 45 5-12 kg
in the rut only 7 kg or more
Red Deer Hinds 120
Roebucks 60 bis 400 g
Roe Does, Kids 110
Wild Boar total 155
Boars (Tuskers) 21
driven Boars 20 13-20 cm


Nr. of the hunting field: 129

Nr. of the hunting field: 129 This is without a doubt an excellent red deer hunting area which lies about 30 km from Lake Balaton in the small hills of Zala. In the lower, flatter areas along the rivers Szévíz und Principális, there is 800-1,000 ha of fallow-land, now partly covered with reeds and willow which gives the game good cover and resting places. Apart from the two above mentioned rivers there are many streams and springs which are important for the red deer. During rutting the permanent water attracts red deer from great distances.
Every year during rutting, there are 1-2 red deer stags shot with antlers of over 11 kg; trophies of 10 kg are common. The roe deer are also of a good quality. Although the average weight of the antlers is between 250-350 g, some roebuck are shot with antlers of over 400 g. There is also plenty of wild boar. These are hunted throughout the year on single hunts and in December and January there are 3-4 days of driven hungs.
There are several connected lakes in the area with a total surface area of 250 ha. In the winter one can hunt wild ducks and wild geese here.

Hunting Area: 13,500 ha with 15% woodland (oak, beech, acacia and hornbeam) the farming land is cultivated mainly with wheat, maize, rape and sunflower.

Accommodation: Pötréte Hunting Lodge, 1st class.

In 2003 the hunting company renovated and enlarged its hunting lodge in Pötréte. There are 7 double rooms with shower and toilet, a beautiful terrace and a new carpark. The hunting lodge is well known for its excellent food.
Extras: The famous spa of Hevíz with the biggest thermal lake in Europe and the Lake Balaton are only 20 and 30 km away from the hunting area, so that the hunt can be combined with a holiday.

Annual Hunting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 55 5-12 kg
in the rut only 7 kg or more
Red Deer Hinds 130
Roebucks 50 200-450 g
Roe Does, Kids 120
Wild Boar total 200
Boars (Tuskers) 25 12-18 cm
Pheasants 100-150
Wild Ducks 200-250

Jagdzeiten - Rehbockjagd: vom 15. April - 10. Mai
Blattzeit: vom 25. Juli - 05. August
Hirschbrunft vom 01. September bis 15. Oktober


Nr. of the hunting field: 130

This 7,800 ha, is a big game hunting area with an excellent red-deer population and lies about 30 km south west of Lake Balaton, in the Zala Hills not far from the town of Nagykanizsa. There is a large forest of 2,500 ha as well as several smaller woods. Along the waterways there are 2,000 ha of reed-beds, alder woods and marshy meadows. All these different areas, together with the farming lands, mostly planted with maize, corn and rape, ensure that the game has an ideal and quiet habitat. The area is bounded on the eastern side by several large fishing lakes.
There are very old rutting places which are used by the red deer stags. Every year several excellent stags are shot during rutting with antlers of 10 kg or more. Stags with antlers between 8-10 kg are no rarity. There are plenty of wild boars hunted through out the year on single hunts and in December and January on drive hunts. The quality of the roebuck is mediocre, the average antler weight between 200-300 g.

Hunting Area: 7,500 ha with 45% woodland (oak, beech, acacia and hornbeam)

Accommodation: In the Hunting Lodge of the company in village Pat, 2nd class, or privately in Zalakaros. In the hunting lodge are 3 two-bed rooms with one bathroom. There is one other bedroom with bathroom.

Extras: The famous spa of Zalakaros is only 10 km and that of Balaton are only 30 km from the hunting area, so that one can combine the hunt with a holiday.

Annual Hunting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 25-30 4-11 kg
in the rut only 7 kg or more
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 40-50
Roebucks 25-30 200-350 g
Roe Does, Kids 30-40
Wild Boar total 160 70 on driven hunts
Boars (Tuskers) 10 12-18 cm

Hunting Seasons - Roebuck: 1st-30th May
Roe Deer Rut: 25th July-10th August
Red Deer Rut: 5th-18th September


Nr. of the hunting field: 131

This area, which lies partly in flood plains, is south of the famous Spa Hévíz and stretches to the Nature Reserve of Kis-Balaton. The reed-beds, the alder woods and the swampy meadows offer an ideal and quiet habitat for big game. Therefore, the red deer and wild boar populations are of good quality in this 4,200 ha hunting area. Stags shot during rutting have average antlers of 6-8 kg but the trophies can reach 10 kg.
There are plenty of roe deer but the trophy quality is only mediocre. The expected antler weight is 200-300 g. Hunting roebuck is difficult: in spring the vegetation quickly grows higher than the roebuck themselves.
Wild boars can be hunted the whole year through. As the area is often impassable, even with good all terrain vehicles, it is essential that guests are fit as it is necessary to stalk long distances, also it can be a long way walk to reach a raised hide. Rubber boots and mosquito repellent are apart from frosty winter days recommended.

Hunting Area: 4.200 ha Accommodation: in a hotel or guest house in Hévíz or in Keszthely. This hunting area is much liked by hunters who want to combine hunting with a holiday with their family, because it is close to the world famous Hévíz Spa and Keszthely, which is the main town on the northern edges of Lake Balaton.

Annual Hunting List:

Gazdász H.C. Zalakaros H.C.
Game Species Number Trophies Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 15 4-11 kg 15 5-11kg
Red Deer Hinds 25 32
Roebucks 22 200-350 g 25 200-400 g
Roe Does, Kids 40 50
Wild Boar total 90 80
Boars (Tuskers) 40 13-19 cm 15 14-19 cm

Hunting Seasons - Roebuck: 15th April-10th May
Roe Deer Rut: 7th July-5th August
Red Deer Rut: 15th-25th September


Nr. of the hunting field: 132

This hunting area is on the east side of the Zala Hills near Lake Kis-Balaton, which is a National Park. The low lying ground is swampy moorland. Approximately 20% of this 3,200 ha hunting area is covered with trees. You can find any kind of woods, from big forest to bushes, young trees and meadows.
The farmland has fields of wheat, corn, sunflowers and rape. The swampy areas are surrounded by meadows and reedbeds.
Big game is represented by red and roe deer, wild boars and also a few fallow deer. The latter species is not so common.
Do not expect big roebuck trophies, but the trophy quality of the red stags is very good.
Big game can be hunted by individual hunters all year long. As Lake Kis-Balaton is not too far away, duck and geese hunting can be arranged.

Accommodation: In a guest house, or a Hotel in Zalakaros

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