Taeg J.S.C., Sopron

Nr. of the hunting field: 82 (Röjtök-Iván) und 83 (Sopron)

This state forest in the far north-west of Hungary, directly on the border to Austria, offers guest very varied and wide ranging opportunities to hunt, due to its natural features. The hunting area has 20,200 ha begins in the plains climbs slowly over the hills to reach the sub-alpine Sopron Mountains. More than 50% of the surface is covered in forest, which changes from the deciduous woods of the plains to the coniferous forests of the foothills of the mountains. As these areas have been managed for many years, the game population is very good. The red deer trophies are average and reach 8 kg in the lower areas and 6 kg in the higher parts. The average weight of the roebuck antlers lies between 200 and 300 g. It is worth to mention is the high population of wild boars. Besides the classical hunts for roebuck and red deer stags the areas are suitable for combination hunts in the spring and summer for roebuck and wild boars. In autumn and winter, after rutting, combination hunts for non-trophy stags, red deer hinds and wild boars are very popular. If desired a horse and cart or sleigh is available. There are no drive shoots. This forestry company offers its guests high quality hunts with plenty of game and hospitality. The hunting area is managed by two different Forestry Departments.

Iván Hunting Lodge:4 double rooms, 1 three bed room. 1st class
"Julia úti" Hunting Lodge:4 double rooms. This house was renovated in 2005 and the dining-living room has been added on. 1st class
"UNI" Hunting Lodge:3 double rooms 2nd class

Annual Hunting List:

Game Species Lowland
Forestry Röjtök-Iván
13 900 ha
Forestry Sopron
6 300 ha
Red Deer Stags 4-8 kg 120 10
Red Deer Hinds 430 40
Roebucks 200-300 g 80 40
Roe Doe, Kids 170 110
Wild Boar total 900 120
Boars (Tuskers) 12-20 cm 125 15

Hunting Seasons:Woodcock10th March-10th April
Roe Deer Rut25th July-10th August
Red Deer Rut10th-25th September

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