Szombathely Forestry J.S.C.

Nr. of the hunting field: 84

"The Hunt: following the game and the whispering forest.Probably more the whispering forest..." (Széchenyi Zsigmond)

Szombathely Forestry J.S.C. manages ahunting area of 41,600 ha in Vas County.
The J.S.C. has three hunting areas, Káld-Szajk of 15,000 ha, near Kőszeg ofover 7,000 ha, near Nádasd-Oriszentpéter-Csákánydoroszló of 15,000 haand near Szentpéterfa of 5,000 ha. These areas are in western Hungary onthe Austrian border.
In these areas will be shooted 800 red deer, 1,200 wild boars, 800 roe deer, 60fallow deer and 30 moufflon. The bestred deer stags achieve an antler weightof 11 kg and those of roebuck 400 g.
The guests love stalking in winterwith the horse and cart and the successful wild boar drive hunts, with a daily bag of 20 wild boars are also popular. In the 500 ha fenced area in Rátót Forestry J.S.C. hold successful drivehunts, shooting many animals. Archerhunters are also welcome - even tohunt red deer stags! It is very important to the company that the balance is kept between the forest and the game population.

Accommodation for the guests is available in the following six hunting lodges: Ivánc, Csipkerek, Hidegkút and Cák 1st Class, Szentpéterfa und Szakonyfalu 2nd Class.

Annual Hunting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 250 up to 9(10) kg
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 800-900
Roebucks 250 150-350 g
Roe Does, Kids 350-400
Wild Boar total 1200-1300
Boars (Tuskers) 150 up to 20-21 cm
Fallow Deer total 20 Bucks up to 3-3,5 kg
Moufflon total 15 Rams 70-90 cm

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