Sefag J.S.C.

The Sefag J.S.C. has eight hunting areas, with a total of 130,000 ha and is the largest company in the game management business. The biggest area with 48,000 ha is Lábod and the smallest Barcs with 3,200 ha. All game species typical for Hungary can be found in the hunting areas of Sefag: red deer and fallow deer, many wild boars and roe deer, as well as a few moufflon. The trophy quality of the red deer is excellent.

Each year 2,500 red deer are shot, 350 of them being stags; 2,500 fallow deer, with 300 bucks; 900 roe deer with 350 roebuck; 100 moufflon with 30 rams. Wild boars are the most numerous with about 3,100 shots. All together over 9,000 animals are shot. Small game hunting is also possible: each year 4,000 drive ducks and 3,000 pheasants are shot and, in smaller numbers also partridge.
There are eleven hunting lodges available for hunting guests, and every year sees more hunters returning.


Nr. of the hunting field: 74

This hunting area of 8,400 ha lies 20 km south of Kaposvár, in the Zselic Hills and is 60% forest. The most important trees are oak, beech, burgundy oak and lime. Game animals available in the area are red deer, roe deer and wild boars. The annual amount of wild boar shot is 200. Most of these are shot on the well organized drive hunts. A fenced area of 200 ha, built in 1998 extends the hunting possibilities. Since 1991 Ltd.
Accommodation: The Vörösalma Hunting Lodge lies on the banks of a fishing pond, in a picturesque forest and is very renowned for its excellent food.
Vörösalma Hunting Lodge 5 double rooms with single beds and shower 1st class
Wooden chalet 2 double rooms with single beds and shower 2nd class


Nr. of the hunting field: 75

This 8,300 ha area lies 25 km south-west of Kaposvár in the hills of Zselic and has 65% forest. This forest gives the impression of being never ending and in the particularly varied hilly landscape, besides the oak trees there is the rare silver lime. There is a wide variety of hunting possibilities as all typical Hungarian game lives here. About 200 wild boars are shot mostly on drive hunts per year. In 1999 a fenced area of 300 ha was built for wild boars.
Accommodation: Hunting guests are accommodated in the Hunting Hotel Kardosfa***. There are 23 rooms, a sauna, Jacuzzi, wellness centre, tennis court and a car park with security.


Nr. of the hunting field: 76

This hunting area of 3,200 ha and 80% forest, is to be found east of the town of Barcs, in a flat landscape a few kilometres from the river Dráva. Its northern neighbour is the world famous hunting area Lábod, which gives one a good idea of the hunting possibilities. Here the famous Barcs "juniper" can be found and other rare plants, many wetlands and moors which make for a diverse biotope, which is beneficial for the animals. On the river Dráva, which forms the border to Croatia, there is one of the best red deer populations.
Accommodation is available in the self catering hunting lodge Vitétanya: 3 double rooms with single beds. 2nd class. Self-catering with sauna.


Nr. of the hunting field: 77

This hunting area of 5,800 ha is 20 km east of Nagykanizsa, the landscape is hilly and the forest covers 60% of the area. There is valuable oak and beech forest.
The well organized and extremely successful wild boar drive hunts are increased by the fenced in area built in 1990.
Accommodation: The Ágneslak Hunting Lodge, renovated in 2003, is situated on a half-island surrounded by fishponds in the middle of an 8 ha arboretum which was created by Baron Inkey. The lodge is beautifully decorated and there are plenty of opportunities to fish. There are 6 double rooms with single beds and bathrooms and a sauna.


Nr. of the hunting field: 78

This hilly hunting area of 38,000 ha, which stretches over the southern banks of the Lake Balaton, is a hunter’s paradise and belongs to the best hunting areas in the country. It is covered with 40% forest, mostly oak trees. About 450 red deer, 50 fallow deer and 250 roe deer are shot per year. Every year about 50 moufflon (15 of which are rams) are also shot. The area is best known, however, for its well organised and successful wild boar drive hunts. Most of the wild boars are shot by parties of hunters. Four fenced areas for wild boars (Alirét, Tótokilap, Kereki and Karád) with a total area of 1,100 ha add to the hunting possibilities. In the last few years the area has rightly become known for the excellent hunting for drive wild duck in Balatonendréd.
Accommodation: Hunting guests are accommodated in three well renovated hunting lodges.
Alirét Hunting Lodge: 5 double rooms with shower 1/A category
Karád Hunting Lodge: 4 double rooms with shower 1/B category
Small Karád Hunting Lodge: 4 double rooms with 2 bathrooms 2nd class


Nr. of the hunting field: 79

The flat 6,200 ha hunting area belonging to the Forestry Department Lábod is about 15 km north-west from Nagyatád - 50% of the ground is covered by forests. Mostly they consist of oak trees of high quality. The premises is made very accessible by the many forest aisles and raised hides and guarantees a very succesful hung. Next to the well organised single hunts, the area is very renowned for its successful drive hunts. The hunting possibilities in the wide open are rounded up by the fallow an moufflon gate built in 1984, as well as the 200 ha wild boars gate built in 2003.
Accommodation: Hunting guests will be accommodated and provided with food in the impressive hunting lodge Csöprönd. It offers 3 double bedrooms, 1st class, and 2 double bedrooms 2nd class.


Nr. of the hunting field: 80

This is a flat area of 7,100 ha, with 54% forest, 20 km south of Nagyatád on the river Dráva. This area has many valuable oak trees. This is a well managed area, with firebreaks, raised hides and fields cultivated with food for the game. 150 wild boars are shot each year, partly by still hunting and partly on drive hunts. A very good area for woodcock shooting.
Accommodation available in the Zsitfapuszta Hunting Lodge situated on the edge of the hunting area: 3 double rooms with bath. 1/B category.


Nr. of the hunting field: 81

This area, 70 km south of the Lake Balaton, is one of the best known and best stocked hunting areas in Hungary and probably in Europe as well. The area of 48,000 ha near Nagyatád is flat and belonged for sixty years to the State. Since 2004 it is part of the Lábod Forestry which belongs to the SEFAG Zrt. In recognition of its work in game management, Labod received the CIC Edmond Blanc Prize in 1994.
The forests are spreading continually and exceed in the meantime 40%. Numerous large and small streams, which are almost always called Rinya, together with many still waters enrich the biotope. The woods and coppices, the sprawling meadows and almost 3,000 ha cultivated with food for the game offer an ideal habitat for the animals.
Red deer stags are the most important game species and their quality is one of the best in the world. About 800 red deer are shot per year: 120 of these are trophy stags. Amongst the many excellent trophies the stag shot in 2001, with an antler weight of 16.83 kg, stands out. These antlers, assessed by international measurers, received 265.67 points and is the world’s number seven trophy. Annually 1,000 wild boars are shot and these hunts offer interesting and exciting experiences. Apart from the drive hunts in the open areas there is also a possibility to hunt in the wild boar fenced area of 200 ha, which was built in 1998. In this area there is also the chance to shoot woodcock, which was greatly appreciated by the author Lásló Studinka. Pheasant hunting is possible (and hopefully in the future also partridge as they are returning to this area). Single hunting, still, stalking and in winter with horse and sleigh are the most successful hunting methods, and many hunters come back to Lábod every year.

Accommodation: In this large hunting area there are three different accommodation possibilities for the guests, with different qualities.
Rinyatamási Hunting Castle:10 double rooms with bath, sauna. Cat: Extra
Nagysallér Hunting Lodge:8 double rooms with bath, sauna. Cat: 1/A
Petesmalom Hunting Lodge:2 rooms with six beds. Cat: 1/B

Annual Hunting List:

Game Species Kaposvár Zselic Barcs- Közép-rigóc Iharos Szántód Segesd- Csöprönd Berzence Zsitfa-puszta Lábod
Red Deer Stags 25 40 20 15 110 35 25 120
Red Deer Hinds 105 210 60 45 340 165 75 680
Fallow Bucks - 5 25 - 15 15 - 250
Fallow Does,Kids - 15 25 - 35 25 - 1 750
Roebucks 30 40 10 20 100 25 60 100
Roe Does, Kids 40 160 20 30 150 55 60 150
Moufflon Rams - 5 - - 15 5 - -
Moufflon Ewes, Lambs - 15 - - 35 10 - -
Wild Boars 200 200 80 170 1 300 200 150 1 000

Hunting Seasons:Woodcock01st - 30th March
Roebuck15th April - 15th May
Roe Deer Rut25th July - 10th August
Red Deer Rut05th - 25th September
Fallow Deer Rut10th - 25th October

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