Pilis J.S.C.

The hunting areas of the Pilis J.S.C. are all within a radius of 50 km from the capital Budapest. These areas, all of several thousand hectares, are between 250-700 m above sea level. The 86,000 ha hunting areas have 56,000 ha forest land withoak, hornbeam, beech, ash, acacia and pine trees. The varied landscape offers single hunters as well as groups excellent opportunities for hunting. There is a good population of redand fallow deer, wild-boar and moufflon. There are not somany roe deer.
Every year about 5,000-5,500 animals are shot: 800 reddeer, 170 fallow deer, 350 Moufflon, 650 roe deer andbetween 3,000-3,300 wild boars.
The size of the various areas of the eight Forestry Departments responsible for hunting is between 4,700-17,000 ha.
There are twelve comfortable hunting lodges where guests can be accommodated. All the lodges are picturesquely situated in the woods.


Nr. of the hunting field: 66

This forestry is one of the best hunting areas near Budapest, belonging to the Pilis J.S.C. There is a lot of woodland on this hilly area of 17,384 ha. Here one can huntsuccessfully for red deer, moufflon and wild boars. This area is well known to foreign hunters for its good populations of game and for the excellent service. Thearea has two 1,000 ha fenced areas.

Accommodation: In the Budakeszi Hunting Lodge, 1st Class. This lodge was renovated and improved in 2006. There are 8 double rooms withbath, 2 apartments, large dining room and a sitting room with a bar. There is a new Wellness centre with infra and a Finnish sauna and Jacuzzi.


Nr. of the hunting field: 67

This hunting area is 50 km away from Budapest and 30 km from the Duna River(Danube) and is well known for its traditional ways of hunting. The characteristically hilly countryside lies 200-600 m above sea level. About 5,000 ha of the 7,500 ha is fenced in, and on this land the game is expertly managed.
There is a 300 ha wild boar fenced area, a 125 ha moufflon fenced area and two (700 haand 300 ha) mixed game fenced areas. There is 300 ha cultivated with food for the game. There is an average populationof red and roe deer and a good population of fallow deer. The moufflon popula-tion is excellent and the biggest trophies shot in Hungary come from here.

Accommodation: Bajna Hunting Lodge, 1st Class. This hunting lodge is situated in a picturesque, and for middle-Europe, uniquehorse chestnut wood of 22 ha. There is an apartment, 14 double rooms with bathin the large lodge. There are also two fishing ponds belonging to the lodge, whereany guest can fish in tranquil surroundings.


  Galgamácsa Hunting Area

Nr. of the hunting field: 68

This hunting area of 4,300 ha has been well known for 25 years and lies about 60 km from Budapest. The area stretches along the southern part of the Cserhát Hills and because it has a good habitat for wildlife there are plenty of red deer andwild boars. There is an area of 105 ha planted with wheat, sunflower, maize, lucerne and rape for the game animals. There are also two fenced areas for game (300 ha and 500 ha with wild boar, red deer and moufflon.)

Accommodation: There is a beautiful hunting lodge of Galgamácsa 1st Class in themiddle of the area with 5 double rooms each with a bathroom.


Reviernummer: 71

This 12,000 ha well known state hunting area is situated a good hour’s drive east ofBudapest. About 7,000 ha of the total area is fenced. The area has a 430 ha gamefenced area. There is also a 1,500 ha area, where in winter hares and pheasant canbe shot as well as roebuck in the summer. The management of this hunting area isvery experienced and do their best to ensure that guests have a successful hunt. Thearea is quiet, has an ideal biotope and many fields planted with crops for the game, which means that the population of wild-boar is very good. The red deer and moufflon populations are steadily increasing due to good management. The red deer stagtrophies are not very big, due to the mountainous conditions. As there is a lot of game, due to the expertise of the management, and good accommodation, we aresure that this area will attract many hunters in the future. Historical Note: In 1867 this area, together with the neighbouring area was boughtby the Hungarian Ministry of Finance and given to Kaiser Franz Josef as a present athis coronation. So you can also hunt in the forests where aristocracy such as Emperor Franz Josef and Crown Prince Rudolf followed their passion.

Accommodation: There are three hunting lodges in the area:
  • Valkó Hunting Lodge 1st Class (4 double rooms and 1 single for emergencies)
  • Zöld Hunting Lodge 2nd Class (2 double rooms)
  • Isaszeg Hunting Lodge 1st Class is at the moment being renovated and will be reopened in 2008, it will have 10 double rooms and a new living room.


Nr. of the hunting field: 72

This well managed big game area is close to Budapest and has many regular guests. All the big game species typical for Hungary are here: red deer, wild boars, mouf-flon and roe deer. We recommend this area to hunters who are healthy and ingood shape and who like stalking. There is a 220 ha fenced area for red deer, where there are approximately 80 red deer and 40 moufflon.

  • Apátkút Hunting Lodge 1st Class. 1 three-bed room and 6 double rooms with bath. This lodge is situated on a beautiful site in the middle of woodland. Nearby thereis the Bertényi Miklós Arboretum, and those interested can visit the historical monuments in the former residence of the Kings in Visegrád and also visit the castle.
  • Királykunyhó Hunting Lodge 2nd Class. 2 double rooms with shower
  • Paprét Hunting Lodge 3rd Class. This simple hunting lodge is appreciated byhunters wishing to enjoy nature.


Nr. of the hunting field: 69

This hunting area is to be found in the middle of the Pilis Mountains, north west of Budapest. 90% of the area is covered with beautiful deciduous woods. It is a perfectplace for red deer, moufflon and wild boar. Single hunters can stalk, use raisedhides or a horse and cart for hunting. 4-5 hunters can be guided at any time. The well organised wild boar drive hunts in open areas are particulary recommended.

Accommodation: Hoffmann Hunting Lodge 1st Class lies in the middle of the hunting area, about 7 km away from the next village situated in beautiful surroundings. There are 5 double rooms, 2 three-bed rooms and 1 apartment. Each room has its own bathroom. In the restaurant guests can choose from over 100 main course dishes, The menu ranges from local specialities to exclusive gourmet dishes. There are also dishes for vegetarians and people with diabetes.


Nr. of the hunting field: 73

This Forestry Department of the Pilisi J.S.C. lies about 25 km north-west of Budapest. The area is 9,600 ha, with 6,300 ha woodland. The woodland is divided up by parcels of fields. It is 400-756 m above sea level. In the centre of the hunting area is the Pilistető Peak which is the highest point in the mountain range (756 m). Hunting is available both in open areas as in a fenced area of 500 ha. The trophies are moderate, thered deer stag trophies weigh between 4-8 kg, roe deer between 150-300 g and the length of the moufflon horns 60-70 cm. Because of the nature of the area one canhunt from raised hides or stalking.
The fenced area is divided up and one can hunt fallow buck, wild boar and moufflon. Trophies from these game animals will meet the demands of any trophy hunter. Fallowbuck trophies weigh between 3.5-5.9 kg, the length of the moufflon horns vary between 70-90 cm. The biggest moufflon ram shot up to now measured 93.75 cm. The proportion of boars is 30-40%. The tusks are average measuring from 16 to 22 cm.

Accommodation: As this forestry company has no hunting lodge of its own, guestsare accommodated either in a lodge in a neighbouring hunting area or in the Edelweiss Guest House in Pilisvörösvár. Both are 1st Class, all rooms a have bathroom and TV.


Nr. of the hunting field: 70

This 8,000 ha hunting area lies on the south and south-eastern side of the PilisMountains, about half an hour by car from Budapest. About 75% of the area is covered in deciduous woods. It is possible to hunt either alone or in a group in this area. 6-7 Single hunters canhunt at any one time, groups of 10-12 hunters for the driven hunts. The area hasa good population of red deer and wild boar. The roebuck have only average trophies as is to be expected in a mountain region. Those interested in hunting moufflon are most welcome.

Accommodation: Sikáros Hunting Lodge 1st Class. This lodge is in the middle of a wood on the banks of the Bükkös stream. The lodgecan be reached by car the whole year round. There are 6 double rooms with bathrooms. There are many places worth seeing nearby, and those interested can visit historical buildings in Budapest, Szentendre, Visegrád or Esztergom in the time between the morning and evening stalking.

Annual Hunting List:

Hunting Field Budakeszi Bajna Gödöllő Valkó Visegrád Pilismarót Pilisszentkereszt Szentendre
Red Deer Stags 5-9(10) kg 17 40 30 60 30 25 20 25
Red Deer Hinds 60 60 80-100 150 50 80 50 55
Fallow Bucks 2,5-4,5 kg 23 15 - 3 - - 5 Fenced area -
Fallow Does 70 40 - 7 - - 15 -
Roebucks 200-400 g 22 25 15 35 10 25 25 35
Roe Does 80 50 40 55 40 70 55 65
Moufflon Rams 70-95 cm 40 40 20 Fenced area 5 20 10 5 open
10 Fenced area
Moufflon Ewes, Lambs 50 60 40 10 30 30 25 7
Wild Boar Total 700 300 300 450 160 250 300-400 250
Boars (Tuskers) 16-24 cm 110 60 120 20 50-60 70 30-40

Hunting Seasons:RoebuckMay-August
Roe Deer Rut25th Juli-10th August
Red Deer Rut10th-30th September
Fallow Deer Rut10th-25th October
Moufflon15th October-28th February

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