Nefag J.S.C.

This company runs a 32,000 ha State Forest in the southern part of the Pest County and in the Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. Two hunting areas offer excellent hunting possibilities. In a 9,500 ha area in the Pusztavacs and Mikebuda region fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar can be hunted. In the forestry area of Szolnok small game is plentiful and hares, pheasant, wild ducks and roe deer can be hunted.

As a result of their good management in forestry, the NEFAG J.S.C. received in 1996, for the first time in this branch, the ISO 1992 Quality Guarantee recommendation.


Nr. of the hunting field: 60

The Karcag-Apavár Hunting Area of 5,040 ha is situated 170 km from Budapest near Karcag and is bordered by the main road no. 4 and by the road joining Karcag with Bucsa. The area is flat with minimal elevations.

This is an area for small game and here it is possible to hunt for hare, pheasant, wild ducks and also roe deer. On the main road between Karcag and Püspökladány is a 600 ha forest, which offers roe deer shelter in the winter and is also good for breeding pheasant and wild duck. Occasionally red deer and wild boar can be found here. Woodcock can also be hunted in this forest. Most roebuck antlers weigh about 300 g, but trophies over 400 g can also be found.

Hunting is done from a hunting car or if requested a horse and cart are available.

Hunting Area: 5,040 ha with 12.3% woodland (oak, acacia and poplar)

Accommodation: Guests are accommodated in the Karcag-Apavár Hunting Lodge 2nd class. 2 double rooms, 2 three-bed rooms and 3 four-bed rooms all with central heating, bathrooms and television.

Sightseeing: The beautiful scenery in the Hortobágy Puszta, the sights in the town of Debrecen and the Aqua park in Hajdúszoboszló offer guests sightseeing possibilities nearby.

Annual Hunting List:

Game Species Number Trophy weight
Roebucks 13 125-450 g
Roe Does, Kids 24
Pheasants 2 600
Hares 400
Wild Ducks 2 00


Nr. of the hunting field: 61

This hunting area is 55 km from Budapest on the M5 motorway and the main roads No. 4 and No. 5. In the middle of the area lies Pusztavacs and it is possible here to hunt for fallow deer, roe deer and wild boar. The antlers of the fallow buck weigh between 2-4 kg, the roebuck antlers 300 g In 2006 a guest shot a big wild boar which had one of the best tusks of that year in Hungary. There is a fenced area of 500 ha in this forestry department.

Hunting Area: 9,500 ha. with 80% woodland (oak, acacia, poplar and pine)

Accommodation: Guests are accommodated in the Pusztavacs and Mikebuda Hunting Lodges, both 2nd class. In the Pusztavacs Hunting Lodge are 2 single rooms, 5 double rooms and 3 three bed rooms and excellent service. In the Mikebuda Hunting Lodge there are 4 double rooms with separate showers.

Sightseeing: The town of Kecskemét and the Bugac-Puszta are nearby and in the hot springs of Albertirsa hunters and non-hunters alike can relax.

Annual Game List in Open and Fenced areas:

Game Species Number Trophy weight
Roebucks 38 120-350 g
Roe Does, Kids 84
Fallow Bucks 53 1,20-5,00 kg
Fallow Does 136
Wild Boars (Tuskers) 14 12,00-21,00
Wild Boars
(females, young)

Hunting Seasons:Roebuck15th April-10th May
Roe Deer Rut25th July -10th August
Follow Deer Rut10th-25th October
Small GameOctober-January

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