The hunting field of the Mezort-Group

The Mezort-Group is one of the largest agricultural companies in Hungary and one of the largest game managements, which merged together the state properties of Sárvar, Szombathely and Lajta-Hanság in Mosonmagyaróvár in 2003. This group manages five hunting areas of 55,000 ha near the Austrian border at Nickelsdorf.
Two hunting lodges and 15 professional hunters, with excellent hunting knowledge and who can speak German await foreign and local hunting guests. Excellent hunting for pheasant and hares as well as wild boar drive hunts in the swamps and moors of Hanság.


Nr. of the hunting field: 56

Small game is the most important hunting in this 6,700 ha game management unit. The walked up pheasant hunting with a daily bag of 50-100 birds, as well as driven hares with a bag of 100-200 are very popular. Roebuck, with an antler weight of 250-400 g should be mentioned with an annual bag of 50.


Nr. of the hunting field: 55

This area lies directly on the border of Austria, near the border post of Hegyeshalom-Nickelsdorf. The beautiful landscape around the River Lajta with its tributaries, are rich in small game (6,200 ha). The pheasant chicks are released into the area in June and July, and on drive hunts - in winter 5,000-6,000 birds are shot, with a daily bag of 200-800.
One of the largest populations of the greater bustard can be found here. Thanks to the improvement of the habitat, this is the only population in Europe which is increasing every year.


Nr. of the hunting field: 57

This area (14,000 ha) is in the northern part of Hanság. The wet, swampy and moorland area is full of natural beauty and is covered with 60% forest. It is the perfect biotope for wild boars and red deer. Annually 400-600 wild boars are shot, with 80-100 trophy boars. In 2006 the biggest boar in the whole of Hungary was shot here with 141,80 CIC-points, which is the fourth biggest boar ever shot in Hungary. Every year 6-8 days driven hunts are organized, with an average daily bag of 25-30 wild boar.
Hunting Lodge: This hunting lodge is 1st class and has 5 double rooms, Jacuzzi, secure parking and is situated 5 km from Mosonmagyaróvar, on the main road no. 10.


Nr. of the hunting field: 58

This 13,400 ha hunting area is west from the town of Sárvár. More than 20% of the area is covered by forests. These forests are all divided into small areas. They are surrounded by fields and offer red deer a varied habitat. The red deer population is good and the trophies of a good quality, antlers with a weight of 8-10 kg are not rare. Annually 150 red deer, including 40 stags, 300 wild boars and 200 roe deer are shot.


Nr. of the hunting field: 59

This new area is in the north of the town of Sárvár on the Rába River. Near the poplars and the forest swamps of the flood plains are agricultural lands, and water and food are thus available for the game the whole year through. The shooting plan allows an annual bag of 50 red deer, 60 wild boars and 65 roe deer.

Guesthouse Vadkert


This guesthouse was built in 1870 and is far away from the noises of the town, near the forest and directly behind the spa. There are 24 rooms, a restaurant and terrace.
Venison and Hungarian national dishes are to be found on the menu.
There is also a camping site for guests.

Annual Hunting List:

  Mosonszolnok Hanság Hegyeshalom Sárvár Hegyhát-Sárvár
Red Deer Stags - 50 5 40 20
Red Deer Hinds - 120 10 110 40
Roebucks 50 40 40 60 30
Roe Does, Kids 80 60 80 180 70
Wild Boar total - 400 20 300 60
Boars (Tuskers) - 80 5 50 10
Pheasants 300 - 7 000 - -
Hares 400 - 400 - -
Partridges - - 300 - -
Woodcocks - 150 - 50 50
Wild Ducks - - 400 - 150

Hunting Seasons:Roebuck15th April-15th May
Roe Deer Rut25th July-10th August
Red Deer Rut10th-25th September
Small GamesOctober-January

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