Mecsekerdő Forestry J.S.C.

The Mecsekerdő Forestry J.S.C. is an important part of the Hungarian forestry management. It runs the State Forests of the Mecsek mountains and the plains area of the Dráva in the Baranya County.
With 31,700 ha this is one of the biggest game management areas in Hungary. The areas are in the variable landscape of the middle mountains of Mecsek, the Zselic Hills and the most important part of the Dráva plains, and offer an excellent habitat for red deer, fallow deer, wild boars and roe deer.

Due to the high number of game it is possible here to shoot 2,240 animals per year. The red deer population is good, hunting in the rutting in the mountain areas offers a unique experience. The antler weigh between 6 to 10 kg. The trophy quality of the wild boars is average. Each year several boars are shot with a tusk length of over 22 cm. Apart from the single hunts for wild boar, the well organised drive hunts are very popular. The roebuck in the mountainous areas are of average quality, but the hunt itself is an enduring experience. The fallow deer population is of average quality, but these animals are colourful features in the woods. The hunting areas are well equipped: feeding places, raised hides and well maintained trails help the hunter. Hunting with horse and carts or sleighs is possible in some of the hunting areas.
The professional hunters, who are well practised with the hunting horn and have bloodhounds. Well managed hunting lodges are available to accommodate the hunting guests.


Nr. of the hunting field: 49

This area is on the border of the Counties Somogy and Baranya, in the southern parts of the Zselic Hills. Hunting is available for roe deer, red deer and wild boars. There is a small population of snipe and wildfowl. The well organised driven wildboar hunts are also very popular. There are two fenced areas in the hunting area with a total of 1,200 ha for wild boars (400 ha) and red deer (800 ha.)

Accommodation: Sasrét Hunting Lodge. 1st class. 1 single and 3 double rooms.


Nr. of the hunting field: 50

This area lies in the north-western part of the district of Baranya, which belongs to the Zselic Hills. An unbroken circle of forest borders the area, which is rich in water springs and streams. Roe deer, red deer and wild boars live here, also woodcock and waterfowl as well. This area is well known for its successful wild boar drive hunts which are held either in open or fenced (600 ha.) areas.

Accommodation: Nagymáté Hunting Lodge. 1st class. 6 double rooms and 2 double rooms with an extra bed.


Nr. of the hunting field: 51

This hunting area is in the western part of the Mecsek mountains. Hunting is possible for roe deer, red deer and wild boar in this extremely beautiful mountain area with 17 ha game pastures and valleys rich in springs. The wild boar drive hunts are very well organized. Excellent woodcock hunts are available.

Accommodation: Hetvehely Hunting Lodge. 1st class. 3 double rooms.


Nr. of the hunting field: 53

This hilly to mountainous area lies in the north-eastern part of the Mecsek Mountains and is not easy to hunt. The above average quality of the red deer trophies and the wonderful landscape cause hunters to come back again and again. As the area has no lodge itself, the hunting guests are accommodated in nearby guest houses.


Nr. of the hunting field: 54

This area lies at 400-500 m above sea level in the north-eastern part of the Baranya County and belongs to the nature reserve of East Mecsek. Because of the mountainous nature of the area it is not easy to hunt. Good drive hunts for wild boar are organized and there are good hunts for woodcock. As the area has no lodge itself, the hunting guests are accommodated in nearby guest houses.


Nr. of the hunting field: 52

This area lies on the border of Tolna-Baranya in the eastern part of the Mecsek-Mountains. The landscape is of low mountains with valleys and hills. The forest part is 3,000 ha. with several smaller forest islands. Roe deer, red deer, fallow deer and wild boars can be found. The roe deer trophies are better here than in the surrounding mountainous areas. Red deer live where the Tolnaer Hills meet the Mecsek Mountains. The rutting of the red and fallow deer is a wonderful experience.
Accommodation: Mészkemence Hunting Lodge. 1st class. 7 double rooms.

Annual Hunting List:

Area size 4 000 5 800 5 800 4 000 8 100 4 000
Forest 65% 75% 85% 70% 92% 63%
Red Deer Stags 5-10 kg 30 30 25 14 30 15
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 90 120 85 80 135 64
Fallow Bucks 2-3,5 kg - - - - 2 5
Fallow Hinds - - - - 4 30
Roebucks 200-300 g 20 25 15 20 30 16
Roe Does, Kids 30 45 35 40 50 40
Wild Boar total 170 290 90 60 260 110
Boars (Tuskers) 12-20 cm 45 55 15 10 30 15

Hunting Seasons:Woodcock01st-31st March
Roebuck15th April-15th May
Roe Deer Rut25th July-10th August
Red Deer Rut01st-25th September
Fallow Deer Rut01st-15th October

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