Middle Trans-Danubien - Közép-Dunántúl

The largest and most central area in this region is the Mezőföld in Dunántúl (Trans-Danubia), which actually belongs to the Alföld (Great Hungarian Plains). This area is in the triangle made up of the Sió canal, Lake Velence and the River Duna (Danube) and reaches the South Trans-Danubian Hills. North of the Balaton and Lake Velence are the Trans-Danubien Middle Mountains, the Bakony Mountains, the Vértes Mountains and the Velence Mountains.

The extremely fertile soil of the Mezőföld guarantee agricultural standard. The big fields of monoculture offer the roe deer an excellent habitat. The trophy quality has not yet reached that of the Szolnok and Békés region, but is not far behind. The percentage of trophy roebucks in this area is very high and is quite often over 450 g. Apart from the excellent quality of the roe deer population, there are plenty of brown hares and pheasants.
In autumn and winter - especially after severe frost - plenty of waterfowl are attracted to the open waters of the Danube, Lake Balaton and Lake Velence. Shooting from a butt one is exposed to all types of weather, but this type of hunting offers the experience of a lifetime.
In the gentle hills of Tolna and South Somogy, which surround the plains as well as in the wooded hills of Vertes and Velence, red deer, fallow deer and wild boar find an appropriate habitat. North of lake Velence, the antlers of the stags are not all that big, but in Somogy and Tolna Counties some of the stags have record class heads.
The fallow deer in open areas in the forests around Tolna and the world famous hunting area of Gyulaj have very good antlers. Many of the trophies receive medals.


Nr. of the hunting field: 141

This 6,500 ha hunting area is on the south-west side of the Vértes Mountains, in the most beautiful part of the mountains, bordering on the villages of Gánt and Csákberény. 60% of the area is a protected as part of the Vértes Nature Reserve. As a mountain area it is mostly covered with forest and has a good population of red deer. All game animals aboriginal to Hungary. In the south of the hunting area at the foot of the mountains is a large farming area.
Game management has a long tradition here. In the middle of 18th century, this area belonged to the family of Count Meran who is well known in the hunting world. At the moment the area is successfully managed by the Vértes Hunting Company in Gánt. Hunting success is guaranteed by the German speaking staff, who has worked here for three generations, the well kept hunting paths and raised hides but mainly through the excellent game population. Hunting from a horse and cart is very popular. There are three teams available. A hound is available to seek out any wounded game.
The area is well situated, as it lies near the M1 motorway and is easily reached from Nickelsdorf-Hegyeshalom.

Accommodation: The hunting society has no hunting lodge. Guests can stay in Gánt with the head forester. The Mézner family has been taking in our hunters for three generations and has much experience with looking after guests. Guests who come back year after year prove this. The house is situated on the edge of the hunting area. The family is very hospitable. There are 4 rooms for guests. The wife of the forester cooks very well. If necessary, larger numbers of guests can be accommodated in Gánt, e.g. in the Vértes Guesthouse, which has 8 double rooms.

Annual Shooting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 37 4-8 kg (1-2 ca 9 kg)
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 74
Roebucks 32 200-300 g (few upto 350-380 g)
Roe Does, Kids 56
Moufflon 13 60-80 cm
Moufflon Ewes, Lambs 27
Wild Boar total 130
Boars (Tuskers) 25 13-19 cm

Hunting Seasons - Woodcock: 10th March-10th April
Roebuck: 15th April-20th May
Roe Deer Rut: 25th July-10th August
Red Deer Rut: 10th-30th September
Moufflon: 15th October-28th February
Wild Boar: all year round


Nr. of the hunting field: 142-143

These two areas are in Fejér County, not far apart with the same natural conditions. The areas are easy to reach as they stretch along the M7 motorway between Budapest and Székesfehérvár and are bordered in the south by the waterfowl paradise Lake Velence. The total area is 10,200 ha and is mostly farming country. The large fields are interspersed with small woods, alleys of trees and orchards. This biotope is excellent for roe deer; in fact the former world record roebuck from Martonvásár with 228.68 CIC Points was shot here in 1965. (Today this trophy ranks 4th in the CIC world rankings.)

Both areas raise pheasant and these are shot over dogs. The nearby Lake Velence offers goose shooting in the winter months between midd November and the end of January.

Hunting Area: 5,200 ha with 5% woodland (Ráckeresztúr)
5,000 ha with 5% woodland (Velence)

Accommodation: The hunting companies have no hunting lodge.
We recommend a guest house. For example, either the Walzer Guest House or the István Guest House in Velence. There are however, hotels nearby where hunting clients can stay.

Jahresstrecke, insg.:

Game Species Trophies
Roebucks 250-500 g 27 Stk.
Roe Does, Kids 40
Pheasants 2 200
Hares 40
Doves 700
Waterfowls 100

Hunting Seasons - Roebuck: 15th April - 10th May
Roe Deer Rut: 1st - 15th August
Pheasant: 1st November - 31st January
Geese: 15th November - 31st January



The countryside on the northern part of Tolna County stretches in a south-east direction towards Balaton, where the Tolnaer Hills meet the Mezőföld Plains. The area around Balaton can be reached by car with in one hour. In the south the area borders on the woods of Kisszékely, Simontornya and Tamási, and to the north on the River Sió. The River Kapos also runs through the area.


Nr. of the hunting field: 144

Hunting Area: 3,200 ha with 20% woodland. There are plenty of roe deer in this hunting area. But one can also find wild boars, red deer and fallow deer. During rutting the rutting places offer a good chance to hunt stags, but the fallow bucks wander into the more wooded neighbouring areas, and it is therefore easier to hunt fallow buck during the winter months.

Accommodation: The company has a 2nd class hunting lodge in Tolnanémedi, directly in the area. There are 2 three-bed rooms with shower.
In the Castle Hotel in the town of Simontornya, which is near the hunting area.


Nr. of the hunting field: 145

Hunting Area: 6,500 ha with 14% woodland (acacia, oak) There are not so many roe deer, red deer and fallow deer in the area but the trophies are good. During rutting stags are shot with antlers up to 10 kg., in October and the winter months fallow buck with antlers weighing up to 4.50 kg can be shot. The roebuck antlers weigh mostly between 300-400 g, but it is possible to shoot bucks with trophies weighing 450 g.


Nr. of the hunting field: 146

Hunting Area: 5,780 ha with 16% woodland (acacia, oak) The most common game species in the hunting area is the roe deer. This is one of the best areas for roe deer in Tolna County. Every year there are several bucks shot with antlers weighing over 400 g, roebuck with antlers weighing 350 g are the norm. There are also red deer in the area.
Accommodation: In a guest house in the village of Nagyberény.

Annual Shooting List:

  Tolnanémedi H.C. "Koppánymenti" H.C. Magyarkeszi-Nagyb. H.C.
Game Species Number Trophies Number Trophies Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 15 5-10 kg 10 5-10 kg 20 5-9 kg
Red Deer Hinds 30 20 35
Roebucks 15 250-450 g 30 250-500 g 35 250-500 g
Roe Does, Kids 25 50 50
Fallow Bucks 8 2,0-3,5 kg 10 2,5-4,5 kg -
Fallow Does 15 20 -
Wild Boar total 60 100 30

Hunting Season - Roebuck: 20th April - 10th May
Roe Deer Rut: end of July - beginning of August
Red Deer Rut: 10th - 25th September
Fallow Buck: October - December

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