Kisalföldi Forstry J.S.C.

The Kisalföldi Forestry in the Győr-Moson-Sopron County has six hunting areas on the Austrian-Slovakian border. In this area of more than 35,000 ha. one can find the floodplains of the River Duna (Danube) with natural forests, with islands, the peat moors of Hanság, the hills of the Bakony Mountains, the woods of Rábaköz and Gönyű.

This hunting area offers a wide range of possibilities and the 7 hunting lodges offer good accommodation and meals. Every year more than 300 red deer, 550 roe deer and 700-800 wild boars are shot. Two wild boar fenced areas offer guaranteed hunting for all guests. Almost all the foresters and professional hunters speak German. Non-hunters will not be bored: horse-riding, tennis and cultural programmes will make their stay unforgettable. Fishing is possible on a lake and in the tempestuous Danube. Hunters who have experienced this area with all its hunting possibilities and the fantastic service always want to come back.


Nr. of the hunting field: 42

This 7,500 ha. hunting area is to be found directly at the Austrian borders, near the border crossing Pamhagen. The wonderful natural scenery in Hanság offer red deer and wildboars an ideal habitat, on the dryer edges of the moors roedeer with antlers weighing up to 350 g. The nature reserve guarantees that the hunting area is quiet and undisturbed. A newly renovated and comfortable hunting lodge offers hunting guests accommodation. Red deer stags usually have an antler weight of up to 7.5 kg but 9-10 kg stags have also been shot. Thousands of ducks and geese are to be found in the channels and open water in the winter. On the edge of the nature reserve one can experience wonderful duck and goose hunting.


Nr. of the hunting field: 43

This 3,000 ha area lies directly on the Austrian border. The wonderful natural scenery of Hánság offer an ideal habitat for red deer and wild boars, on the dryer edges of the swamp areas live roe deer with antlers of approx. 350 g. The nature reserve guarantees that the hunting area is quiet and undisturbed. The stags have an antler weight of 8-9 kg although stags of 10 kg are sometimes found. Many ducks and geese visit the channels and the open water areas in the winter. On the edges of the nature reserve wonderful bird shooting can be experienced.


Nr. of the hunting field: 44

Near Kapuvár, about 20 km from Sopron, lies the 5,500 ha red deer hunting area of Göbös, with over 80% forest. In Göbös-puszta, a nice hunting lodge with a swimming pool and horse-riding possibilities offer the non-hunting companions an enjoyable stay. Big stags, good wild boar populations, in both open and fenced area, guarantee a successful hunt. The roebuck antlers are only of moderate size. Walked-up pheasant hunting is also possible.


Nr. of the hunting field: 45

This hunting area, with its many islands, natural forests, reed-beds and swamp lies directly on the Slovakian border. The hunting lodge is on the border crossing of Vámosszabadi, with a pheasant rearing station for the game bird shooting. In spite of the civilized surroundings it is quiet, with ideal food and protection for our game animals. For hunting guests who like the unique atmosphere of winter hunting, the thousands of wild ducks offer a wonderful experience of hunting in the wilderness.


Nr. of the hunting field: 46

The 18,000 ha hunting area of Ravazd lies 18 km south of Győr, near the Benedictine Monastery of Pannonhalma. On wild boar drive hunts the bag can be up to 100 wild boars and the red stag rutting in the hills of the Bakony Mountains offer hunters an unforgettable experience. A fenced-in area for wild boar has been built to extend the hunting possibilities. Wine cellars are enjoyable. Comfortable hunting lodges offer accommodation to hunters or also guests who want to ride or do some sightseeing.


Nr. of the hunting field: 47

On the Danube, 20 km east of Győr, is a 5,200 ha hunting area. Over 3000 ha forest offers a natural habitat for red deer, wild boars and roe deer. Many ducks live on the banks of the Danube and on the islands and in winter geese are also here. A comfortable hunting lodge offers accommodation to hunters. Many rare plants, fish eagles, black storks and ravens form the basis of the strongly protected species in this forest.

Annual Hunting List:

Hunting Field Dél-Hanság Rábaköz Észak-Hanság Alsó-Szigetköz Ravazd Gönyű
Red Deers 28 30 10 12 23 10
Red Deer Hinds 50 90 20 18 34 15
Roebucks 80 32 15 12 54 30
Roe Does, Kids 170 55 30 16 90 35
Wild Boar total 180 155 156 120 130 130
Boars (Tuskers) 35 20 19 20 20 20
Pheasants 80 40 42 2 500 10
Hares 60 70 20 5
Partridges 800

Hunting Season:Woodcock10th March-10th April
Roebuck15th April-10th May
Roe Deer Rut25th July-10th August
Red Deer Rut10th-25th September

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