This part of the countryside is in the north-western part of Hungary and is practically flat. The Duna River (Danube) and its tributaries, such as the Rába, the Rébce, the Rábca as well as the Lajta which come from the south, have had a great influence as they flood the plains. The lower lying parts are covered with swamps and reed-beds, which are called "hany" in the vernacular, and have given the area the name "Hanság". In the 1950s, the swamps were drained, in order to provide more farmland for the economy plans of the communistic dictatorship.

By this, one of the richest wetland areas of Europe was destroyed. Today, most of the Hanság is protected as National Park and they are trying to restore the unique moor-land.
This marshland with reed-beds is nearly impassable and is an excellent resting haunt for red deer and wild boar. These game species are also equally at home in the woodlands.
Poplar and alder oak, acacia and the mixed trees of the flood plains provide a picturesque scenery. The farmland, with its good soil, permanently attracts the big game with its rich feed.
The larger areas of land are used for agriculture, bordered by bushes and trees, and offer roe deer and small game an ideal habitat. The small plains are one of the best roe deer areas in Hungary, the trophies of very good quality, many roebucks having antler weighing 400-500 g. The population of hares found between the Hanság and the Rába River is just as good as in the famous Szolnok or Békés County, or even better. There are also many pheasants. The hunting areas are very well managed. Partridge is intended to be re-introduced: in some areas already with a lot of success and impressive numbers of birds shot.


Nr. of the hunting field: 100

The flat countryside in the north-western part of Hungary on the River Répce is one of the most beautiful areas of the Kisalföld (small Hungarian plains). The "Gróf Cziráky" hunting company was founded here. The hunting area of 3,200 ha consist of 20% forest. The sounds of the forest, the scent of the seasons, the chirrup of the birds and the many animals enchant also the non-hunters visiting the area.
The most important game in the hunting area are the red deer and wild boars. Excellent red deer stag and wild boar trophies can be found. In the cultivated areas there is a good population of roe deer, the trophies of the roebuck shot are usually of an average weight.
There are plenty of raised hides in the hunting area. Most animals are shot from raised hides or by stalking.
In winter, the drive hunts for small game offer the members of the hunting company a special experience, and usually 200 hares and 150 pheasants are shot. We recommend this area to hunters who are prepared to spend more for a quality hunt in an area with more game than usual.

Accommodation and Sightseeing: If the guests wish they can be accommodated in private houses, where they will be welcomed in a family atmosphere.
The villages in the surrounding countryside are rich in things worth seeing. Firstly, there are the Baroque Monuments.
The hot springs at Bükfürdő are famous for their healing waters and are 20 km from the town where guests stay. The Spa has 26 pools on 14 ha.

Annual Shooting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 20 4-9 kg
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 45
Roebucks 34 250-450 g
Roe Does, Kids 64
Wild Boar total 200
Boars (Tuskers) 20 14-20 cm
Fallow Deer total 6
Pheasants 150
Hares 200


Nr. of the hunting field: 101

The Hunting Company of the Landowners of Iván is in the west of Hungary, between the towns of Sopron und Kőszeg, in the valley of the Répce River. The hunting area borders the big forests of Iván and Röjtök, which belong to the forestry school of Sopron and have an important population of red deer and wild boars. As it is close to this exemplary Forestry Company, which belongs to the State and practices excellent game management, there is a good stock of animals.
About one quarter of the area is wooded: the most important trees are oaks, acacias, alders and poplars. The rest of the area is farming land, and apart from meadows and pastures the land is cultivated with corn, maize and rape. In this part of the hunting area there is a roe deer population of average quality, with the average trophy weighing 250-300 g. In the autumn and winter months it is possible to shoot pheasant and hares as well as waterfowl on the fish ponds and the rivers Répce and Kócsod.

Hunting Seasons - Roebuck: 15. April-10. May
Roebuck rutting: end of July-beginning of August
Red Deer Stag rutting: middle-end of September

Annual Shooting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 18 4-8 kg
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 75
Roebucks 15 200-400 g
Roe Does, Kids 30
Wild Boars total 140
Boars (Tuskers) 15-20 14-19 cm


Nr. of the hunting field: 102-103-104

This area is in west Hungary, on the southern edge of the Hanság Moors. This area is rich in lakes, large rivers and also small streams and ponds. The low lying ponds surrounded by wet, marshy meadows, such as the Barbacsi and Tündértó belong to the protected areas of the Hansági National Park and offer the game a quiet habitat.
These areas are mostly farmland with little woodland, but the fields are bordered by rows of trees and reed-beds, and therefore offer the roe deer and hares very good living conditions. Therefore this is a very good area, in combination with the neighbouring hunting areas, for roe deer and hares. This is one of the best areas in the Hungarian Plains for roebuck and hares.
In the larger woodlands and in the moor-land, which is covered with reeds and alder thickets, red deer and wild boars have found a good habitat. In the areas bordering on the National Park, red deer stags are often shot in rutting with antlers weighing 5-9 kg, sometimes even 10 kg or more.
This area is less than one hour by car from the Austrian-Hungarian border.

Diana Hunting Company, Barbacs Area: 5.000 ha with 12% Woodland.

Tó-közi Hunting Company, Bezi Area: 6.000 ha

Tündértó Hunting Company, Kóny Area: 6.500 ha

Hunting Seasons - Roebuck: 20th April-10th May
Roe Deer Rut: end of July-beginning of August
Red Deer Rut: 10th-25th September
Small Game: October-December

Accommodation: In a guest house or hotel near the area.
For example: Bősárkány, Csorna or in Győr.

  "Diana" H.C. "Tó-közi" H.C. "Tündértó" H.C.
Game Species Number Trophies Number Trophies Number Trophies
Red Deer
6 4-9 kg 15 5-10 kg 9 4-9 kg
Red Deer
Hinds, Calves
12 30 10
Roebucks 30 250-500 g 45 250-500 g 25 250-500 g
Roe Does, Kids 60 90 50
Wild Boar total 25 50 20
Pheasants 500 500 600
Hares 400 110 300
Water Game 100 100 50

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