Kab-hegy Hunting Field

Nr. of the hunting field: 33

"Effective game management of a high standard, based on centuries of tradition, in the interest of successful hunting" North of Lake Balaton, on the eastern side of the Bakony Mountains, is the 4,000 ha game park "King Mátyás" as well as the open Kab-hegy hunting area.

This hunting area is between 400-600 m above sea level and is made up of hills and mountains. The area is well-wooded and covered in oak and beech forests. This area, under the Hungarian Kings - mainly King Matthias - was for centuries very popular as a hunting ground thanks to its natural environment. Due to this fact and the varied species of game, the company can offer hunters a traditional, well organized hunt of high quality.

The 4,000 ha game park offers red deer, wild boar, roe deer and moufflon a natural habitat, where the game can find various food in well planted woodland and crop fields. Often hundreds of red deer and wild boar can be seen at the same time on these fields, which are planted with crops for the game.
The hunting here offers something for every taste. In the game park hunting is possible throughout the entire year, even in the closed seasons. Hunters who want to have a quiet holiday can hunt in the game park at any time alone or in groups or for drive hunts.

In the 9,000 ha open area, where the game is extremely well managed, hunters wishing to experience the traditional form of hunting will be very satisfied. The conditions in the game park and the open area are the same. The open area is, with its almost untouched nature, full of game and guarantees successful hunting. There are many, well looked after, raised hides, feeding places, waterholes, mud wallows and stalking paths which help make a hunt successful.

The number and quality of the red deer lies far above the average. The antlers are dark in colour, which is characteristic for the stags of Bakony. The average weight of the trophies is between 6-8 kg. Because most of the area is wooded, the roebuck trophies are not so good, lying between 200 to 300 g. The moufflon, on the other hand, have good trophies, the horns having lengths of 60-80 cm. In the game park wild boars have a very good habitat and boars with good tusks are shot on single and on drive hunts.

Hunting guests are accommodated in the Kabhegy hunting lodge or in a guest house near the area. The hunting lodge is situated in quiet, wooded surroundings and has 2 apartments, 6 double rooms and 1 four-bed room.

Annual Hunting List:

Game species in free area in fenced area
  Number Trophies Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 50 9 kg 120 10 kg
Red Deer Hinds 120 300
Roebucks 30 400 g 15 350 g
Roe Does, Kids 60 20
Moufflon Rams 5 90 cm 5
Ewes, Lambs 15 70 cm
Wild Boar total 100 450
Boars (Tuskers) 30 20 cm 40 23 cm

Hunting Seasons:Roebuck01st May-15th August
Red Deer Rut in free area15th-30th September
Red Deer Rut in fenced area01th September-15th October
Moufflon15th October-28th February

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