This area lies in the middle of the Alföld (Great Hungarian Plains) and has an extremely continental climate. This part of the country has very little rain and therefore the rivers, such as the Tisza and the three Körös rivers, are very important, also with regard to game management. The smaller waterways and, for instance, the 127 km2 Tisza Lake with its irrigation system greatly influence the work of the company with regard to game conservation.

This region, due to its environmental conditions and the mainly agricultural use (farmland 65%, woodland mostly in the flood plains) is suitable for roe deer and other small game.

The most unique Roe Deer population in the world

The Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County is one of the best roebuck hunting areas in the world. The roe deer population is very important and the quality is unique. The names of the villages Jászkisér, Újszász, Abádszalók, Karcag, Tiszaföldvár, Martfű, and Nagyrév have a world wide reputation amongst enthusiastic roebuck hunters. This area has many trophy bucks which have reached an excellent place amongst the Hungarian and world rankings. The best are: the buck from Jászkisér, the Hungarian record with 231.53 CIC Points (770 g, no. 2 World Rankings) and the buck from Abádszalók with 230.75 CIC Points (769 g, no. 3 World Rankings)
Most roebuck hunting in almost all of the hunting area Szolnok County is carried out by vehicle.

Small Game The Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok and Békés counties are traditionally called the "Region of the Hares": about 40% of all Hungarian hares are found here. Half of the hares are sold alive, the other half is shot by guest hunters and the members of the hunting syndicate.
The stock of pheasant increased spectacularly in the 1960s due to the raising of young pheasant. From the nineties less and less pheasants were raised due to the financial costs, which grew higher and higher and were combined with great losses. The natural conditions - e.g. Rivers, wooded streams and Lake Tisza - of the Hungarina Great Plains offer not only hunters, but fishermen, nature lovers, photographers and water sport enthusiasts, many possibilities to enjoy their holidays here.


Nr. of the hunting field: 152

This 8,900 ha lies in the typical landscape of the Alföld (Hungarian Great Plains) and is formed by the Körös River. There are also several fishing lakes and large and small canals. The flood plains are full of reeds and bushes, the flat parts, with fields and pastures are interspersed with woods and trees. The soil is of good quality and is used as farmland. This biotope ensures that the roe deer as well as small game and waterfowl find enough food and excellent living conditions.
In years with normal weather, half of the roebuck trophies shot by foreign hunters receive medals. For more than twenty years a roebuck with antlers weighing 781 g (from the hunting area on the other side of the River Körös) was in second place in the world rankings.

Hunting area: 8,900 ha Accommodation: Aqua-Lux Hotel*** in Cserkeszőlő with "á la carte" Restaurant, Whirlpool, Sauna, Fitness-room, closed car park. The Hotel is next to the Thermal Spa.
Guesthouse Lux*** or Hotel Liget**** in Szarvas.
The modest hunting lodge belonging to the hunting syndicate in Öcsöd, 2nd Class with self-catering.

Annual Game List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Roebucks 40 Stk. 250-550 g
Roe Does, Kids 60
Pheasants 6 000
Hares 600
Waterfowls 1 500

Hunting Seasons - Roebuck: 15th April-10th May
Roe Deer Rut: 25th July-15th August
Pheasant, Hare: 15th October-31st December


Nr. of the hunting field: 154

This area in the northern part of Tiszazug has plenty of water, with the River Tisza in the west and in the east both the Nagykunság Canal and the Körös River.
This 11,300 ha area is quite flat and mostly farming land. Enormous fields are planted with various sorts of corn, rape, maize and sugar beet. There is very little woodland, limited to the river banks of the Tisza and a few cultivated woods of acacia and poplar. Along the banks of the irrigation canals there are reed-beds and bushes. Due to this biotope the quality of the roe deer antlers is excellent. Half the hunting guests shoot roebuck of medal quality. The hares and pheasant also find good living conditions and, therefore, their number is increasing annually.

  • In Apartments in the Spa Camping in Martfű with large rooms and an agreeable location.
  • Castle Hotel - Pension** in Martfű
  • Spa Hotel**** in Martfű

Annual Shooting List:

Game Species Numbers Trophies
Roebucks 54 Stk. 250-650 g
Roe Does, Kids 80
Pheasants 1 700
Hares 1 300

Hunting Seasons (in both hunting fields)
Roebuck: 15th April-10th May
Roe Deer Rat: 25th July-15th August
Pheasant, Hare: 15th October-31th December


Nr. of the hunting field: 153

This area is mainly farmland with little woodland, which is however, slowly increasing. The monotony of the plains is only broken by a few woods, tree alleys and irrigation canals. This is a good area for hunting roebuck and other small game. The quality of the roebuck trophies is good. Half of the hunting guests shoot medal roebuck. There are also a lot of pheasant and hares. The wild duck - partly reared - which live on the lakes in the hunting area, can be shot in impressive numbers.

Hunting area: 8,900 ha

Accommodation: Guesthouse István in Kisújszállás, which has a good Restaurant and secure parking. In the simple 2nd class hunting lodge, belonging to the hunting syndicate in Kisújszállás, with self catering.

Annual Shooting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Roebucks 35 Stk. 250-550 g
Roe Does, Kids 60
Pheasants 700
Hares 900
Water Game 900
Dows 600

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