Ipoly Erdő Forestry J.S.C.

This forestry area is found half in the Börzsöny Mountains and half in the Cserhát Hills. The landscape in these two areas is entirely different. The Börzsöny Mountains have deep valleys and steep slopes, while the Cserhát Hills are soft with long downward slopes.


Diósjenő, Kemence, Királyrét

Nr. of the hunting field: 34

This 21,000 ha area is in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the mountains of Hungary. North of Budapest in the Börzsöny Mountains, at an altitude of 600-800 m above sea level. Most of the hunting area is in the Börzsöny National Park. This is the largest forest area in Hungary with lookout points with wonderful views on the landscape.
The ground is mountainous, in parts difficult to walk and covered with 99% forest. This is a forest area with a good population of red deer. The biotope suits the moufflon which was brought in to the area during the last century. Likewise the wild boar population. This is an excellent area for combination hunts, where small stags, hinds and wild boars can be hunted. The antlers of the red deer stags and the roebuck are, due to the mountainous terrain, not of good quality, the red deer antlers weigh approximately 4-5kg. Generally speaking: the red deer trophies are long but light, because the beams are cavernous.

  • Királyháza Hunting Lodge 1st class, 8 double rooms (Kemence Forestry)
  • Nagyyoroszi Hunting Lodge 1st class, 8 double rooms (Diósjenö Forestry)
  • Tóvik Hunting Lodge 1st class, 7 double rooms (Királyrét Forestry)
These hunting lodges are in the Börzsöny Nature Reserve far from any towns, and the quiet forest is perfect for hunting.


Vác (Hunting areas Püspökszilágyi and Naszály) Salgótarján, Romhány

Nr. of the hunting field: 36-40

These three forestry departments of 21,335 ha are north-east of Budapest, in the Cserhát Hills in the north of Hungary, and are hilly to mountainous. The biotope is ideal for red deer, roe deer, moufflon and wild boar. In the forests the population of red deer and wild boar is very good, the roe deer and moufflon only average. The areas are suitable for wild boar drive hunts.
The forestry departments also have several closed areas of different sizes:

Hunting areas:
  • Püspökszilágyi: 280 ha Wild boar fenced area 210 ha Moufflon fenced area (rams with horns up to 95 cm.)
  • Salgótarján Forestry: 230 ha. Wild boar fenced area
  • Romhány Forestry: 224 ha. Wild boar fenced area

Acommodation: The Romhány Hunting Area has its own hunting lodge. Bánk Hunting Lodge. First class, with 5 double rooms and 1 three bed room. This comfortable house was built in 2007 near the Lake Bánk.
Hunting guests for the other two forestry departments will be accommodated in guest houses near to the hunting areas.

Annual Hunting List:

Börzsöny Cserhát
Area Size 21.000 ha 90% forest 21.335 ha 80% forest
Game Species Trophy size Bag Trophy size Bag
Red Deer Stags 3-6 kg 70-75 4-10 kg 40-45
Red Deer Hinds 320 100
Roebucks 200-350 g 50-55 250-400 g 80
Roe Does, Kids 140 165
Moufflons 60-75 cm 28-32 60-75 cm 25
Ewes, Lambs 70 50-60
Wild Boar total 750-800 540
Boars (Tuskers) 14-20 cm 80-100 75

Hunting Seasons:Woodcock15th March-5th April
Roebuck rut25th July-10th August
Red deer rut15th September-5th October
Moufflon rut15th October-15th November

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