Hunting fields of Szatmár-Bereg

Although the Szatmár-Bereg Region is in the eastern most corner of Hungary, on the Hungarian-Rumanian-Ukrainian border, we recommend this area to our clients because of the excellent roebuck hunting and because the landscape here has a special atmosphere and the people here are very hospitable and warm hearted. Guests, who are prepared to drive for several hours from Budapest towards the east can expect a special roebuck hunting experience in April and May as well as during rutting. The professional hunters are proud of the old roebucks which live here and usually have dark coloured, well pearled antlers. The quality of the trophies is good. Antlers with a weight of about 500 g are no rarity.

These roebuck with the wonderful trophies come from nearby Carpathians and Transylvania and find an excellent habitat along the rivers Tisza, Szamos, Túr and Kraszna. There is plenty of water here and this shows in the vegetation. The bushes and reeds along the waterways, the marshy meadows, the orchards and oak tree woods, as well as the cultivated ground offer the game shelter and food. This biotope offers roe deer and other small game as well as waterfowl ideal conditions, although there are red deer and wild boars in some parts of the area.
Roebuck hunting in the spring usually is done from a vehicle, but it is also possible to stalk or use raised hides. During rutting a roe-caller is used, which offers guests as well as professional hunters an unforgettable experience.
Small game is shot on traditional drive hunts, and the mornings and evenings offer an ideal chance to shoot waterfowl.


Nr. of the hunting field: 161

This hunting area lies between the rivers Tisza and Túr and is divided up by waterways, riparian forest and rows of trees. The reeds and the meadows where trees and bushes also grow, make the countryside very varied. There is a 300 ha wood in the heart of the area. To the east one has a wonderful view of the slopes of the Carpathian mountains.

Accommodation: In the village of Sonkád there is a newly renovated guest house with full-board.


Nr. of the hunting field: 162

The area has plenty of water due to the rivers Öreg-Túr and Túr. The countryside is very varied with many rows of trees, flood plains, thorn bushes, oak and acacia woods and apple orchards. Roe deer feel at home in the area, the antler weight is 330-450 g. Guests can hunt roebuck from raised hides, by stalking or using a horse and cart (three are available) or vehicle. Red deer and wild boars are in the area, but migratory.

Accommodation: In the village Sonkád there is a newly renovated guest house with full-board. In the village Fülesd, in the high class Guest House Fecske with full-board.


Nr. of the hunting field: 163

This area has a very good population of roe deer. We recommend it to enthusiastic roebuck hunters. The River Túr, which runs through the area, and its waterways provide permanent water. About 20% of the area is woodland, the most widespread tree the common oak. Apart from the woodland there is much marsh- and uncultivated land, reedy pastures as well as meadows and flood plains which all offer an excellent habitat for the roe deer. The fields are cultivated with maize, corn, sunflower, lucerne, red and white clover. This is one of the best roebuck hunting areas in the region of Szatmár, and roebuck trophies of over 500 g can be shot.

Accommodation: In the village of Nagyhódos there is a simple guest house with 3 rooms offering either full or half-board.
The Hotel Schuster*** in the town of Csenger.


Nr. of the hunting field: 164

About 2,000 ha of this area is marshland, where there is a 300 ha lake for fishing. In the cultivated parts, corn, maize, sunflower and rape grows, which together with the orchards, meadows and pastures make for variety in the landscape. There are many pastures which are no longer used and are now covered in thorn bushes. This makes for an excellent habitat for roe deer. One can hunt roebuck either from a raised hides or by stalking or using a vehicle. There are also a few red deer and wild boars in the area.

Accommodation: A guest house in the village of Kisnamény either with full-board or self catering. A guest house in the village of Gacsály with self catering. The Hotel Schuster*** in the town of Csenger.


Nr. of the hunting field: 165

This hunting area has a fertile soil and plenty of water, and is covered by small woods, flood plains, rows of trees and bushes. Corn, maize, sunflower and rape are planted as crops. That there is a good population of roe deer is demonstrated by the quality of the trophies. Roebuck antlers weighing 400-450 g are found regularly, but trophies of 500 g are also not rare. A buck with antlers of 700 g (171.37 CIC) was shot in this area. Roebuck are usually hunted by stalking or by vehicle.

Accommodation: The "Székely" Guest House in Tunyogmatolcs. The Hotel Schuster*** in the town of Csenger.

Annual Hunting List:

Game Species Túr-Tiszaközi H.C. Túr-Erdő H.C. Erdőhát H.C. Új-Sólyom H.C. Hubertus H.C. Total:
Size 5 500 ha 5 170 8 100 ha 5 400 ha 3 400 ha 27 570 ha
Roebucks 25 26-28 40-45 25 25 140-150 Stk.
Trophies 250-500 g
(550 g)
200-500 g 250-550 g
(600 g)
250-500 g 250-500 g
(550 g)
Fallow Does, Fawns 30 40 60 40 50 220
Hares 300 200 300 150 200 1 150 Stk.
Pheasants 700 500 1 500 500 500 3 700 Stk.


Nr. of the hunting field: 166

This 7,817 ha hunting area is on the Bereki plains in the administrational region of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg in the most eastern part of Hungary, and the forests of Bockereki get their name from the plains. This hunting area which is on the Ukrainian border is one of the coldest areas on the Alföld (Hungarian Great Plains). There is a lot of still water in the area which offers all game, waterfowl and other birds an ideal habitat. Even our ancestors loved hunting in the Bereger woods. Oak, ash and elm trees are characteristic for this area along with the forests in the flood plains.
One of the best populations of fallow deer live in this area. The average weight of the fallow trophies shot here in 2006 was 3.96 kg, and 72% received a medal. Fallow horns of over 4 kg are common for this area. There are also good red deer and wild boars around. The hunting company has set out protected areas where the game can live and reproduce undisturbed. In the hunting area there are seven main feeding places for the game many other places where food can be placed and about 80 raised hides.
Because this area is so beautiful, has many historical monuments and is full of game, foreign hunters come here in increasing numbers. Especially now that the motorway reached Nyíregyháza in 2007.

Accommodation: The hunting company owns a simple hunting lodge. Should someone require a higher quality accommodation there are guesthouses in Vásárosnamény and the guesthouse Hétcsillag in Beregdaróc.

Annual Game List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 10 6,5-11 kg
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 30
Follow Bucks 20 3,5-5 kg
Follow Does, Fawns 50
Roebucks 30 200-400 g
Roe Does, Kids 100
Wild Boar total 200
Boars (Tuskers) 60-80 12-21 cm

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