VM Forstverwaltung Kaszó AG

Nr. of the hunting field: 41

"Kaszó is the green heart of Somogy". Many have heard about it, but few know it really well. To get to know it is similar to the feeling "love at first sight". Those who love Kaszó know this. The name of the village evokes images of the forest, the Baláta Lake, which has a high conservational value, the small community deep in the woods and the hunting lodge with the small holiday house.

The HM Kaszó Forestry J.S.C. became a company on 1st January 1993 and took over from the former State Company. The goal of the company is to ensure progress by establishing plans in accordance with modern ideas.

GAME MANAGEMENT The 18,000 ha forest managed by the HM Kaszó Forestry J.S.C. with the connecting 4,000 ha of agricultural land is the habitat of one of the best game populations in our country, and the conservation and management is one of the most important tasks of the forestry. This is achieved by planting feed, carefully looking after the stalking paths, lines and other hunting installations which in combination with the knowledge of the staff guarantees a successful management. Our most important game species are red deer, fallow deer, wild boar and roe deer, providing our hunting guests with prestigious trophies and, what is more important, a wonderful hunting experience.

The most important hunting time is always the red deer rutting. The red deer belong to the stag population of the Somogy Hills, which is noticeable through the many pointed antler stags of Zala. The biggest trophies weigh about 10-12 kg, but a lucky hunter may see bigger ones. The biggest fallow deer antlers weigh 3.5-4.0 kg. Due to the thick forest there are many wild boars to be found in the hunting area. Apart from the single hunters, hunting parties in winter are also very popular (wild boar drives), which can be organised in open or in fenced in areas (200 ha).

Area Size: 22.000 ha, of which 70% is wooded (oak, alder)

The Forestry Company built a hotel in Kaszó in 1981, with sauna and solarium, which offers, apart from accommodation for hunters, the possibility to fish, ride, bike and carriage rides. In the hunting lodge there are 4 single rooms, 8 two-bed rooms, 3 apartments and 10 rooms with several beds.

The area belongs to the Kaszó Nature Reserve including Lake Baláta. Part of the Nature Reserve and the forest can be seen on a narrow-gauge railway.

Annual Hunting List:

Game species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 100 5-12 kg
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 300
Fallow Bucks 50 2-4 kg
Fallow Does 170
Roebucks 70 150-350 g
Roe Does, Kids 140
Wild Boar total 700
Boars (Tuskers) 120 10-22 cm

Hunting Seasons:Woodcock01st-31st March
Roebuck25th April-15th August
Red Deer Rut01st-20th September
Fallow Deer Rut10th-25th October

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