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The Forestry Department manages an area of 40,000 ha which is divided into five independent hunting areas. Because of the great range of geographical features, the company can offer hunting to guests who want to hunt in the lowland as well as in the mountains. Two of the areas (Buják, Uzsa) are leased, the other three sell hunts to foreigners.
All indigenous and huntable game in Hungary can be found in these areas: red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, Moufflon and wild boar. Many medal trophies are shot each year.
Guests can explore the most beautiful parts of our country as well as many monuments.


Nr. of the hunting field: 11

4,200 ha with 80% forest.

Landscape and game population: This area is north of Lake Velence, about 60 km from Budapest and 20 km from Székesfehérvár. Red deer, roe deer, moufflon and wild boars live here. The trophy quality is moderate. The red stag antlers weigh on average 6-8 kg, but each year a couple of medal stags are shot. Wild boar hunting is available in both open as well as fenced areas.

Accommodation: Fehértanya Hunting Lodge: 3 double rooms. 2nd class. Food 1st class.
Hotel of the Ministry: beautifully situated hotel in the hunting area. Restaurant, swimming-pool and sauna. The area offers hunting clients not only a lot of game, but also the possibility of fishing, taking pictures and family tours.


Nr. of the hunting field: 12

9,500 ha with 75% forest. Landscape and game population: This forestry area lies in the Gerecse Mountains, 30 km north of Tatabánya. The forests shield the large amounts of red deer and wild boars. Apart from the red deer and wild boars, the populations of moufflon and roe deer are managed. There are many red deer in the area and the quality of their antlers is very good. This original red deer sub species have antlers with fewer tines, long beams and are very heavy. Mature stags have antlers of 7-9 kg. The moufflon population is not so big, but of a high quality. The hunting area is suitable for excellent wild boar drive hunts in open areas, where 20-30 wild boars can be shot each day by 10 hunters. This forestry company has a 960 ha fenced area for wild boars.

Accommodation: Alsóvadács Hunting Lodge. 11 double rooms. 1st class. Highly qualified staff ensures excellent service and food. Here single hunters as well as groups of up to 20 hunters are welcome and guaranteed a unique hunt.


Nr. of the hunting field: 13

7,785 ha with very little forest.
Landscape and game population: This area lies in the northern part of the Alföld (Hungarian Great Plains), near the capital Budapest. The country is flat and there are few wooded parts. The small game population is moderate and left to its own devices. Hunting is possible for pheasant, hare and roe deer. This is a very good area for walk-up shoots with an excellent bag. This sporty type of hunt offers hunters the chance to improve their shooting skills. The roe deer have moderate trophies of 150-350 gr. The many streams and brooks which cross the area offer wild duck secure resting places so that it is possible to shoot waterfowl. Partridge can also be observed in the area as this is their natural habitat.

Accommodation: The hunting area has no hunting lodge, guests are accommodated in private guest houses in Dabas.

Annual Hunting List:

Red Stag 5-9 kg 15 80 -
Red deer hinds 39 320 -
Fallow Buck 2,5-4 kg 24 - -
Fallow Doe 96 - -
Roebuck 250-350 g 8 15 22
Roe doe, kid 16 45 50
Moufflon Ram 60-70 cm 1 50 -
Moufflon ewe, lamb 2 150 -
Wild boar in total 240 300 10
Boars (Tuskers) 16-22 cm 65 40 2
Wild pheasant - - 200
Hare - - 50

Hunting Seasons:Roebuck in the Spring15th April - 15th May
Roe deer rut1st - 15th August
Red deer rut10th - 30th September
Main rut15th - 25th September
Fallow buck rut10th - 30th October

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