Gyulaj Forestry J.S.C.

The Gyulaj Forestry and Hunting Company was founded on the 3rd July 1993 as the legal follower of the Gyulajer State Forestry and Game Company. The company manages 24,000 ha of woodland in Tolna County, 50 km south of Lake Balaton between the rivers Kapos and Koppány. The main field of activity of the company is the traditional forest and game management. The game management profits from the excellent biotope for the game population. On the hunting side the fallow deer population achieved world recognition as in the last 30 years many world record trophies were shot.


The unique transdanubian landscape of the north and south Tolna, with its colourful woodland panorama, is managed by the Gyulaj J.S.C. The transdanubian mixed forests with their richness of colours offer an excellent biotope for the red deer, wild boar and roe deer that live here. Nature lovers and hunters, who admire the of the region's rich nature, have no idea that the region has, apart from the beautiful scenery of the hills and valleys of Tolna, an eventful historical past. In the last two hundred years the Gyulaj Forest has rightly become famous for hunting. The priceless national treasure of the forests is the fallow deer population, with regards to their numbers as well as the quality of their trophies.


Nr. of the hunting field: 29

Gyulaj is mainly world famous for its excellent fallow deer. Shooting a fallow buck in the rut, in the glorious autumnal forests, is for every hunting guest an unforgettable experience. In winter we offer successful and enjoyable stalking, high-seat and shooting parties with the possibility to shoot red deer hinds and wild boar. The 7,800 ha hunting area is fenced.

Hunting Area: 7,800 ha. 88% Woodland (oak, pine and acacia)

Landscape: Hills

  • Óbíród Hunting Lodge in Gyulaj (2 apartments, 11 double rooms with bath, 1st class.)
  • Kisdád Hunting Lodge in Regöly (3 double rooms. 2nd class)
  • Horgásztanya Wooden chalet in Gyulaj (2 three-bed rooms 4th class)
In Óbíród there are two hunting lodges for guests with a total of 11 double rooms with bath, 2 apartments, a small bar, an elegant hall and dining rooms. The hunting lodges impress with their high quality furnishings and the excellent service.
Kisdád Hunting Lodge is ideal for guests who look for a simpler accommodation: it lies in the middle of the hunting area surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are 3 double rooms and 3 bathrooms. In the valley in front of the lodge is a lake with lots of fish.


Nr. of the hunting field: 30

In Kisszékely there is a 700 ha fenced area where red deer, fallow deer and wild boar can be hunted. Success can be guaranteed on single and on drive hunts and all this under natural conditions. In the open areas there is the possibility of drive hunts, with excellent results for red deer hinds and wild boar.

Hunting Area: 6,168 ha, with 71,4% woodland (oak, acacia and pine)

Vadkert Hunting Lodge in Kisszékely. 6 double rooms 1st class The new hunting lodge Vadkert was opened on the 1st September 1999. If desired fishing is available on the nearby lake Kisszékely and a small fish pond belongs to the lodge. The old hunting lodge is no longer used.


Nr. of the hunting field: 31

Högyész is the home of big red deer stags and of driven wild boar hunts with excellent bags. In September, red deer stags with an antler weight of over 10 kg are often shot, but it is also possible, with a permit, to shoot smaller stags. Guests are also welcome to shoot red deer hinds in winter. Their wild boar drive hunts - are unforgettable experiences for the guests and the expectations of either small or large groups are always excelled. The proportion of boars is often very high.
There is a fenced area of 800 ha for wild boars, divided in two areas each with 400 ha, whereby one is in use since 1986 and the other since 1995.

Hunting Area: 8,336 ha with 68,9% woodland (oak, acacia, pine and beech)

Landscape: Hills, farmland with grain and cornfields.

  • Szálláspuszta Hunting Lodge in Högyész. 1 apartment, 4 double rooms with shower. 1st class. A beautiful hall and an elegant dining room.
  • Csibrák Hunting Lodge in Csibrák, 7 double rooms with bath or shower. 1st class. A hall and an elegant dining room.
  • Annafürdö Hunting Lodge in Lengyel. 2 double rooms, 1 single room. 2nd class.
Both Szálláspuszta and Csibrák Hunting Lodges have wonderful views of the landscape and in September one can hear the stags roaring, even inside the rooms.


Nr. of the hunting field: 32

Kistápé is an open area for real hunting. On the sides of the meadows the new oak, pine and acacia woodland with its undergrowth offer the animals an excellent habitat and give the area the feeling of real wilderness. Whether on a raised hide hunt in the rutting or stalking for roebuck in the summer, hunters are in for a surprise at any time. We recommend this area to hunters who wish to hunt in real nature. The 300 ha fenced wild boar area offers guests the possibility to take part in drive and single hunts, as well as hunting in the open areas. In the spring there are plenty of woodcocks, therefore this area is recommended to all hunters wanting to take part in shooting woodcock.

Hunting Area: 6,459 ha with 84,8% woodland (pine, acacia, oak and poplar)

Landscape: Flat, farming land with grain, corn and water melon fields

Kistápé Hunting Lodge. 4 double rooms with single beds, bathroom. 1st class
Kistápé Hunting Chalet. 1 double room. 3rd class

The hunting lodge is not far from the village of Kistápé.

Annual Hunting List:

Hunting Area Tamási Pincehely Hőgyész Németkér
Red Deer Stags 5-10 kg 10 40 35 15
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 20 80 120 40
Fallow Deer Stags 2,5-4,5 kg 170 30 - -
Fallow Does, Calves 450 60 - -
Roebucks 200-450 g - 10 30 50
Roe Does, Kids - 10 45 60
Wild Boar total 300 250 600 200
Boars (Tuskers) 15-22 cm 25 50 250 30

Hunting Season:Woodcock10th March-10th April
Roebuck15th April-10th May
Roe Deer Rut25th July-10th August
Red Deer Rut10th-25th September
Fallow Deer Rut05th-25th October

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