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The Gemenc J.S.C. is one of the largest state hunting areas in Hungary with 70,400 ha. The area is in the south of Hungary, where the River Duna (Danube) leaves the country. The company manages the greatest river flood plains in Europe. The area lies on both sides of the Danube and is divided into three parts: Gemenc, Béda-Karapancsa, Hajós. The area has a population of red deer that is famous throughout the world.

The trophies obtained through the company are always first class. The peak of the successful series of excellent trophies were the antlers shot in 1986 with 271.00 C.I.C. points - at that time world record. In order to preserve the genes of this world famous red deer population the state declared the hunting areas as hunting areas with special requirements. Wild boar drive hunts, where a daily bag of 20-40 wild boars are shot, are possible due to the nature of the countryside and the good wild boar population. This hunting area has many regular guests, who return every year.

The company's principle is: to protect the countryside, its ecological system, woods and the protected flora and fauna for the next generation, by means of acceptable and profitable results.
Accommodation: Hunting guests have the choice of 10 hunting lodges of different types. The lodges all have great experience and are well run, with a good reputation due to their warm hospitality.
Important Notice: We would like to warn our guests that from the beginning of June until the end of September in the hunting areas on the river floodplains there are many midges and mosquitoes. We ask our guests to remember to bring antimosquito lotion with them.


Nr. of the hunting field: 28

About 47% of the 24,277 ha of the large ‘Homoki’ (sandy) hunting area is woodland (acacia, pine). In dry summers there is an acute water shortage and therefore water troughs have been built for the game. There are two fenced areas (500 ha and 480 ha). It is possible to arrange either walk-up or drive hunts for pheasant with a large number of birds. These Homoki hunting areas are excellent due to the expert knowledge, successful hunts and the high quality of the service.

Hajós Forestry: The hunting lodge in Hajósszentgyörgy was built in the Kalocsa Archbishopric. The well-situated hunting lodge was renovated in 2005 and has 5 double rooms, a dining room and a sitting room. The lodge is very well run; it is very clean and tidy. A maximum of 4 hunting guests can be accommodated. We recommend this hunting area for small groups of hunters who enjoy a friendly family atmosphere.

The forestry has two horse driven carts with rubber tyres and 5-6 fjord horses, which can be used for stalking. These horses are small and are not afraid of gunshots. The large Leneser Hunting Lodge, built in 1967, is run by the Hajós Forestry Department. This lodge already had a good reputation in the days of the old state hunts. Near the hunting lodge is a pheasant rearing enclosure and a 500 ha wild boar fenced area, which are both also managed by the Hajós Forestry Department. The hunting lodge has a dining-room, 2 sitting-rooms, 2 apartments and 4 double bedrooms. There is accommodation for 12 hunting guests. There is also further accommodation for 8 guests. This lodge can be reached from the village Dusnok. There is also a simple hunting lodge, Zöldhegyi, with 2 double-rooms for guests.


Nr. of the hunting field: 26

In the lower regions of the River Duna (Danube) is the largest river flood plain in Europe, which is an important part of the Duna-Dráva National Park. The trophy quality of the red deer stags is renowned all over the world.
The driven wild boar hunts have a good reputation due to the good organization and the large amount of animals shot.
Hunting is possible using a horse and cart, a four-wheel drive vehicle or in winter a horse drawn sleigh.
It is recommended that guests bring an anti-mosquito lotion from May-October.

There are five hunting lodges available to guests hunting in the Gemenc area:

Gemenc Hunting Lodge:4 double-rooms 1st class. Situated directly on the banks of the Danube with a wonderful view on the river
Keselyüs Hunting Lodge:2 apartments, 7 double-rooms. 1st class. Woodland surroundings
Pörböly Hunting Lodge:2 double-rooms. 1st class. Woodland surroundings
Pandúr Hunting Lodge:2 double-rooms and 1 single-room. 1st class. Woodland surroundings
Báta Hunting Lodge:3 three-bed rooms 2nd class. In the village.


Nr. of the hunting field: 27

This area lies on both sides of the Danube and has wonderful oak woods, where the deer population is excellent. This area is a real paradise for hunters and nature lovers. There is plenty of wild boar. On wild boar drive hunts - in the open area 9-10 hunters can shoot up to 40 wild boars per day. There are no fenced areas on this hunting ground. From the beginning of May there are many mosquitoes and we recommend our guests bring a suitable mosquito repellent with them. Hunters who wish to do so may hunt from a horse and cart or in winter from a sleigh pulled by horse.

The world record red deer stag (271,00 C.I.C. points) was shot in 1986 in Karapancsa. The Mohács Island also belongs to the Karapancsa hunting area and walked-up hunts can be arranged for small game.
The hunting area is a part of the Duna-Dráva National Park.

Accommodation: There are 2 hunting lodges in the Béda hunting area. The old house was renovated and added on in 2006. There are 5 double rooms and 1 single room in the old building. The new building can be reached through a passage and has a living and dining room. On the first floor of a nearby house, built in 1998, are 2 double rooms with shower for guests. Both houses are situated in beautiful surroundings. The biggest hunting lodge of the Gemenc J.S.C., the Hunting Castle Karapancsa is also here. The hunting castle is surrounded by a park and can accommodate 20 guests. The castle has 2 single rooms and 9 double rooms. 1st class.
This hunting castle was built at the beginning of the last century by the Archduke Albrecht in the style of the neo-baroque. During the time of the monarchy the Archduke stayed here when he visited his hunting area - which is now part of Serbia.

Annual Hunting List:

Area size: 24.277 ha 20.560 ha 25.512 ha
Forest 47% 90% 25%
Red Deer Stag up to 13 kg 70 Stk. 105 Stk. 50 Stk.
Red Deer Hinds 380 Stk. 345 Stk. 150 Stk.
Roe Buck up to 500 gr 90 Stk. 30 Stk. 70 Stk.
Roe Doe + Kid 160 Stk. 80 Stk. 125 Stk.
Wild Boar total 820 Stk. 1 000 Stk. 490 Stk.
Boar (Tuskers) 120 Stk. 120 Stk. 100 Stk.
Pheasant 4 000 Stk.   -

Hunting Season:Red Deer30.08-30.09.
Red Deer Rut05.-15. 09.
Spring Roe Deer hunt15.04-10.05.
Roe Deer Rut25.07-10.08.

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