Game Management Unit Kis-Balaton of the Balaton National Park Administration

Nr. of the hunting field: 48

Kis-Balaton, which lies on the south-western corner of the Lake Balaton, is an extensive marshland, which is of unique importance for Europe. In the last century this area was already famous for its rare bird habitat. In 1979, as Hungary joined the Ramsar Agreement, it was registered in the list of "Waters of International Importance." Apart from the 250 bird species many rare animal and plant species have found refuge here where the feeding and breeding conditions are so good.

The hunting area is completely inside the Balaton Felvidéki National Park and is a nature reserve where one can only enter with a special permission. In the several thousand hectare marsh area are open water areas, small and larger islands with meadows, with pastures and with arable land. The biotope is enriched with a 2,000 hectare forest. The arable land is on the edge of the area and is about 700 hectares.
The excellent red deer population in the area uses the islands which rise above the widespread marsh areas as mating areas. In the rutting the stags from Zala, Somogy and the Bakony Forests come together and the difference between the stags is quite obvious then. The diverse habitat is also appreciated by the roe deer. Wild boars are also numerous. Keeping the wild boar population at an acceptably low level is not only important for game management, but also for nature conservation. The Kis-Balaton Game Management Unit is responsible for the game management which means that hunting is allowed but that nature conservation is of first priority. The four specialist employees are responsible for ensuring this and for accompanying hunters on roebuck hunts in April and May as well as red deer stag hunting in September. Hunting is not allowed during the rest of the year.
There is a small hunting lodge in the hunting area, but the guesthouse Aqua in Zalavár-Hídvég, which is in the hunting area, offers comfortable accommodation. The guest house has four high quality double rooms with twin beds and shower. The 350 m3 aquarium is directly connected to the Zala River with all its flora and fauna. There is a billiard room and a sauna for the quests. Excellent fishing is available in the water in front of the guesthouse.

Game Species:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 15 6-11 kg
Red Deer Hinds 40
Roebuck 15 200-300(350) g
Roe Does, Kids 30
Wild Boar total 80 Tuskers until 20 cm

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