Északerdő J.S.C.

The Északerdő J.S.C. manages a forested area in the north-east of the country in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County of 103,000 ha, which is about 6% of all the forests in Hungary. Most of the forest land lies in the eastern part of the region, in the northern Middle Mountains, but 7,700 ha reach down to the Alföld (Great Hungarian Plains).

Game management and hunting are important for the company. Their hunting areas are 87,000 ha in total, four of their own hunting areas (Bükk, Aggtelek /Aggteleker Karst/, North and South /Tállya/ Zemplén Mountains) take up more than 70,000 ha. The region is forested mountain land, but the surface profile, the hydrographical features and the soil conditions are very varied, which makes the game species of this countryside, with its mountains and valleys, very diverse. What makes this region so fascinating is its unique biota. The big game species in these incomparable, romantic forests are red deer, wild boar and moufflon.
The regions value is increased by the occurrence of rare predatory game: in the last few year's lynx, wolves, wild cats, imperial and golden eagles are sighted more and more often.

The antlers of the red deer stag are large but comparatively light, weighing 5-9 kg. Characteristic for the region is the pure-bred wild boars population, with well developed boars and healthy, splendid tusks which sometimes reach 26-28 cm in length. The moufflon are very wild, living in mountainous conditions, which increases their worth as hunting trophies. The horns of the rams vary from area to area between 50 to 80 cm.
The company also keeps the mountain trains in Bükk Mountains (Lillafüred) and Zemplén Mountains (Pálháza) in order for public welfare.
There are first class hunting lodges centrally placed to accommodate hunting guests - except in Bekény, which is 2nd class. These lodges, some of which have been newly renovated, await our guests with good food and service.

Senyő Hunting Lodge:3 two-bed rooms and 3 three-bed rooms
Szelcepuszta Hunting Lodge:3 two-bed rooms and 2 three-bed rooms
Pénzpatak Hunting Lodge:6 two-bed rooms and 1 apartment
Bekénypuszta Hunting Lodge:3 two-bed rooms
Háromhuta Hunting Lodge:7 two-bed rooms and 2 apartments
Hidegpatak Hunting Lodge:6 two-bed rooms

Annual Hunting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 100 4-9 kg
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 260  
Roebuck 130 100-350 g
Roe Does, Fawns 260  
Moufflon Rams 60 50-85 cm
Moufflon Ewes, Lambs 240  
Wild Boar total 1 000  
Boars (Tuskers) 130 17-25(28) cm

Hunting Seasons:Woodcock15th March-10th April
Roebuck01st-31st May
Red Deer Rut15th-30th September
Moufflon Rut20th October-15th November

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