Dráva-völgye (Valley of the Dráva River)

South-Somogy, South-Baranya

The river Dráva is the southern border of Hungary and the Dráva valley runs for nearly 200 km from west to east along the Hungarian-Croatian border. The area is bordered in the north by the Belső-Somogy hills, the Zselic and Mecsek Mountains, which are covered in large forests.

In the south, the area is only a few kilometres wide, composed of the river banks, unique riverbeds and flood plains, while it broadens into low lying plains in the east. Near the river the many small and large ponds and waterways make for a varied biotope. The woods in the flood plains, the reedy and swampy meadows and pastures, as well as the cultivated fields between the blocks of forest offer big game an excellent habitat.
Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the most important and well known red deer populations in the world lives here, which is of the highest genetical value. The quality of the trophies increases from west to east and the red deer trophies in the Ormánság area are the best.
Apart from red deer there is also a good population of fallow deer in parts of the northern, hilly forested areas. Wild boars are numerous over the whole region. Roe deer, which are found in the flat areas from the feet of the Mecsek mountains to the river Dráva, are also worth to be mentioned. It is possible to shoot excellent roe trophies here.
The rivers and lakes offer good waterfowl hunting, in some areas one can shoot flying geese from hides.
The population of gold jackal, which is spreading north westwards, is increasing, but because it is so shy it is rarely spotted. On full moon nights wild boar hunters can sometimes hear the typical cries of the gold jackal.


Nr. of the hunting field: 133

This area of 4,450 ha lies in the Somogy Hills and is well know for the excellent quality of its stags. About 2,800 ha form a Wildlife Sanctuary. The favourable biotope with enough water offers the red deer and wild boar populations the best conditions for their development. There is a moderate population of roe deer and roebuck hunters can expect the antlers to weigh 250-350 g. Apart from single hunts for red deer stags, roebuck and wild boars, there are wild boar drive hunts every year. The Society´s hunting area is divided into different districts, with the best being kept for foreign hunters. This is also a good area for shooting woodcock. Within 10-15 km of the hunting area are fishing and riding possibilities.

Hunting Area: 4,450 ha with 55% woodland and swamps

Accommodation: In a guest house in the town Csurgó.
In the Posseidon Pension in Village Gyékényes.

Annual Shooting List:

Game Species Zrínyi H.C. Kotrópart H.C.
  Number Trophies Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 30 6-11 kg 20 5-9 kg
Red Deer Hinds 100 50
Roebucks 30 250-350 g 22 200-400 g
Roe Does, Kids 80 45-50
Wild Boar total 150 100
Boars (Tuskers) 20 14-18 cm 20 12-20 cm

Hunting Seasons - Roebuck: mid April-mid May
Roe Deer Rut: 25th July-10th August
Red Deer Rut: 05th-25th September


Nr. of the hunting field: 134

This hunting area is in Somogy County, in the south of Hungary on the Croatian border, south of Nagykanizsa. The area has a varied landscape.
In the south it is bordered by the River Dráva, whose flood plains and woods have a rich flora and fauna. Behind the narrow, flat flood plains the countryside rises up to the low hills of the Somogy Hills. In spite of the relatively low hills this area is not easy to hunt: when it rains the terrain becomes very difficult to drive in. 20% of the area is covered with trees, between the woods are large meadows and farmland where corn, maize and rape are cultivated. For this reason the area offers red deer and even wild boars a good habitat. In the parts of the area which are inaccessible, the wild boars find good and undisturbed cover in the thick bush. In the oak and beech woods they find enough food. The area is suitable for wild boar drive hunts for larger groups of hunters of 11-15 guns.
The red deer have only average trophies. The really good rutting places are in the neighbouring hunting area, therefore there are few red deer in the area during September and October. The roe deer population is also average, antlers of between 200-400 g are possible.

Hunting Area: 6,500 ha with 20% woodland and swamps

Accommodation: In the Posseidon Pension in Village Gyékényes.

Hunting Seasons - Roebuck: mid April-mid May
Roe Deer Rut: 25th July-10th August
Brunftzeit: zwischen 10.-20. September
Red Deer Rut: 05th-25th September


Nr. of the hunting field: 135

This 10,500 ha area lies to the south of Lake Balaton in the Somogy Hills, near the two famous hunting areas of Lábod und Kaszó. The area has two large forests, in total 3,000 ha, with oak, acacia and pine trees. The fields around the forests are planted with maize and rape. The hunting syndicate has cultivated 70 ha with food for the game, in several spots, mostly at the edges of the forest. There are also 10 feeding places where the game has been fed for years.
The red deer and roe deer trophies are of average size. Every year guests shoot about 15 red deer stags of which 4-5 have a trophy over 8 kg, and one or two over 10 kg. The average roebuck trophy weights 300-350 g. Every year 3-5 buck are shot with antlers over 400 g and some over 450 g.
Drive hunts for wild boars are also organised.

Accommodation: "Kutas-Cser" Hunting Lodge, 1st class.
Twenty years ago the hunting syndicate built a hunting lodge in a wood, which was modernised four years ago. There are 5 double rooms and 1 bed room with 4 beds. There is a dining and a living room.

Annual Shooting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 21 5-10 (11) kg
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 60
Roebucks 34 250-450 g
Roe Does, Kids 60
Fallow Bucks 5 2-3 kg
Fallow Does, Fawns 10
Wild Boar total 150
Boars (Tuskers) 20 13-22 cm
Driven Wild Boar 70


Nr. of the hunting field: 137

This area is in the south part of the Dunántúl (Trans-Danubien) on the plains of the Dráva River in the region Ormánság, which is famous for its red deer and for its untouched nature.
The undisturbed and well looked after hunting area for guests, lies directly on the border to the famous Sellye hunting area, where the Counts Draskovich managed the red deer. Due to the good game management and the diverse landscape it is possible to hunt from the traditional raised hides or by stalking, one can, however, use a horse and cart. Archery hunters are also welcome. The fishing lake of Sumony, which is a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention, is much appreciated by wildlife photographers.
The populations of red and roe deer and wild boar are improving every year and offer a good chance to hunt record trophies. Furthermore, guests are welcome to hunt red deer hinds and roe does in autumn and winter either stalking or from raised hides. The most important hunting season it the red deer stag rut in September, where it is possible, due to the excellent management, to shoot stags with very large antlers. In the rut, no guests are accepted who wish to shoot a stag with antlers weighing less than 7 kg. The professional hunters can take out 3-4 guests at one time in the hunting area.
In the winter wild geese shooting, mostly bean geese, can be organised. A successful, but frosty shoot can be an unforgettable experience.

Accommodation: In the Hamuháza Hunting Lodge or in the Castle of Szentegát.

Annual Shooting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 10 5-11 kg
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 30
Roebucks 20 250-550 kg
Roe Does, Kids 40
Wild Boar total 70
Boars (Tuskers) 10 14-20 cm
Game bird 250-270
Water Game 100


Nr. of the hunting field: 138

The expert game managers of the Sellyei Szarvas Hunting Company consider it one of their main objectives to preserve the red deer population in Ormánság, which is for future generations one of the genetically most important populations in the world. This hunting field has 17,300 ha. The hunting areas of Sellye, which is known and accepted worldwide as the best red deer area, gained its reputation through the work of Count Iván Draskovich and his former 1,400 ha red deer fenced in area.
The yearly number of big game animals shot is 1,200. Apart from the high standard of the game management this success is due to the fact that the game is fed yearly with 400 tons of maize, with 150 tons of fruit and 400 tons of hay and that there is 300-400 ha planted with food for the game. There are 240 salt licks and hunters have 340 permanent and 120 mobile raised hides available.
Hunting is carried out almost the whole year through, beginning with woodcock in March and ending with the drive hunts in January. There is also a 300 ha wild boar gate for hunting groups where many wild boars can be shot on drive hunts. The most important event in the hunting calendar is without doubt the red stag rutting, which hunters eagerly await. During rutting hunters can go home with the experience of a life time. It is rare that a hunter can enjoy the experience of hearing the red deer stags - called the Princes of Ormánság - roar in the cool September air at sundown or in the misty dawns of early mornings.

Annual Shooting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 75-80 5-13 kg
Red Deer Hinds, Calves 350
Roebucks 30-50 150-350 g
Roe Does, Kids
Wild Boar total 400 12-21 cm
Boars (Tuskers) 70


Nr. of the hunting field: 139

This 8,000 ha hunting area is in Dél-Dunántúl region (South Transdanubia), north of the town Szigetvár, on the southernmost part of the Zselic Hills. This slightly hilly hunting area is mostly farmland. The variety of the biotope is increased by several large woodland blocks and from lakes.
Red deer, roe deer and wild boar are at home here. The roebuck trophies weigh 250-400 g, but every year there are some buck shot of 400-500 g. During stag rutting there are also several stags shot with antlers over 10 kg, most of the trophies vary enormously in weight up to 10 kg. After rutting, from the beginning of November, one can hunt small fallow bucks. Wild boars are shot only on single hunts. The area allows a maximum of 5 hunting guests at the same time.

Accommodation: In a guest house or hotel in Csertő or in Szigetvár in the hunting area.

Annual Shooting List

Wildart "Agro-Lőrinc" Ltd. "Dél-Zselic" H.C.
Game Species Number Trophies Number Trophies
Red Deer Stags 30 4-10 kg 40 5-11 kg
Red Deer Hinds 65 80
Roebucks 40 250-500 g 70 200-500 g
Roe Does, Kids 84 140
Wild Boar total 65 160
Boars (Tuskers) 10 14-20 cm 20-30 12-20 cm
Fallow Bucks - 10 2-3,50 kg
Fallow Does - 20

Hunting Seasons - Roebuck: mid April-mid May
Roe Deer Rut: 20th July-10th August
Red Deer Rut: 05th-20th September


Nr. of the hunting field: 140

This nearly 9,000 ha hunting area of the Agro-Lőrinc Ltd. is in Dél-Dunántúl (South Transdanubian). The southern part of the area belongs to the Ormánság region in the valley of the River Dráva, while the northern part belongs to the Zselic Hills. The flat parts of the area are mainly used for crops with some pastures. Towards the hills there are more trees and large forests.
Due to the location and the different vegetation this area can be divided in two parts for hunting purposes. In the southern part the roe deer are found, where roebuck with an antler weight of 400-500 g appear. There is also an average population of small game. In the wooded habitats of the hill country red-deer and wild boar find good living conditions. In the rutting stands red deer stags can be shot every year with increasing success. The weight of the antlers varies, the biggest trophies are around 10 kg.
Wild boars are only hunted by individual hunters. After rutting, hunters who wish to combine a hunt for wild boars and red deer hinds are welcome. Five hunters may hunt in the area at the same time. It is also possible to hunt using a horse and cart.

Accomodation: in a huntes cottage of Nagymáté (page 42.) or in a guesthouse.

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