Dalerd Délalföldi Forestry J.S.C

The 24,000 ha of the Délalföldi Forestry J.S.C. is an expertly game management area. The philosophy of their management is to keep the amount of game in their area at an ideal level, to breed animals of good quality, as well as offer hunting clients a traditional hunt for their trophies. There are the following game species in the area: fallow deer, wild boar, roe deer, hare, pheasant, partridge and wild duck.

This area has the most important fallow deer population in Hungary. Fallow deer have been found for several hundred years on both sides of the river Fekete-Körös in an area of 11,000 ha. These fallow trophies are particularly prized due to their special antler formation. The characteristic features of these trophies are the short but thick points, the palm is wider than normal, the colour of the antlers is dark and often you find abnormal growths on the inside of the palms. This area is considered an important gene pool by the government. This proves the importance of this fallow deer population.
The DALERD J.S.C. has four hunting areas in Békés and Csongrád Counties. The whole hunting area of Ásotthalom, Derekegyház-Tompahát, Gyula and Biharugra is 24,000 ha. This area not only preserves the genes, but also offers local hunters and clients from overseas the possibility of hunting stags either in single hunts or shooting parties. Apart from the excellent deer stalking, there is also classical walked-up shooting for partridge and pheasant. Fishermen are also welcome; you will find extremely big and special fish.


Nr. of the hunting field: 14

The hunting area of Ásotthalom (5,195 ha) is to be found in the south western part of Csongrád County and borders on Serbia. The hunting area is a sandy region, where pine, poplar and acacia woods join together and form blocks of forest which is not characteristic for the area. 61% of the area is woodland, 28,3% is farmland. The biotope is poor and, therefore, in 1997 a wild boar fence of 337.6 ha was built, which enabled the wild boar and the fallow deer population to be increased. Since 2000/2001 hunting has been allowed in the fenced area. In 2006 the size of the area was increased by 349.7 ha (new total 687,3 ha).
Hunting guests can stay either in a guesthouse, which lies in the fenced area, or in a typical hunting lodge which offers accommodation for 8 guests. The guesthouse, in the fenced area, lies on the banks of a lake where there is the opportunity to fish and take pictures of nature.


Nr. of the hunting field: 15

The hunting area Derekegyház-Tompahát is in the middle part of Csongrád County. The whole area encompasses 5,220 ha and includes the communities of Derekegyház, Hódmezővásárhely, Nagymágocs and Székkutas. The area is mostly farmland, (85.5%) with small woods (3.3%). The most important trees are oak, acacia and poplar, which offer a good habitat for roe deer and small game. The excellence of the roe buck trophies is underlined by the fact that in the last few years 25-30% of the trophies were of medal quality. Small game management plays an important part in this area.
The middle point of the area is the hunting lodge in Derekegyháza, where 32 guests can be accommodated. Modern bedrooms, a sauna, bar and playroom await our guests. The dining room, where 60 guests can be served, can also be used as a conference room. In 2006 a summer house was built to accommodate 150 guests for big events.


Nr. of the hunting field: 16

The most important game species in the Gyula hunting area is the fallow deer. More than 50% of the fallow bucks shot are medal class trophies. Because the Gyula fallow deer population has been isolated for several hundred years they have developed an individual phenotype, which can be easily identified by the distinctive characteristics of the trophies. In the main part of the hunting area (40%), there are forests with oak, ash and elm. Besides, the fallow deer the roe deer and wild boar are equally significant in the area. In 2000, a 670 ha fenced area was built for fallow deer.
Hunting guests can be accommodated in the Sarkadremete Hunting Lodge, this is inside the fenced area and comprises 2 apartments and 9 double rooms with either bath or shower for guests. The food in the friendly restaurant is well known in the region.


Nr. of the hunting field: 17

The hunting area Biharugra 5,498 ha lies in the north-eastern part of Békés County, in the flood plains of the river Sebes-Körös.
In the hunting area the amount of farmland (61.8%) and the water surface (15.1%) is significant. The most important trees in the meadows, pastures and the smaller woods are acacia, oaks, lime and poplar, which, together with the reed areas (2,5%), make a good habitat for small game, roe deer, red deer and wild boar. Because of the limitation of small game hunting, only the deer and the wild boar fall under the game management. This hunting area - as well as the areas Gyula and Ásotthalom - lies on the border, therefore migration of the animals across this border should be expected.
The hunting guests are accommodated in the Sarkadremete Hunting Lodge (see above).

Annual Game List:

Red Deer total   13 4 6
Fallow Buck 2,5-4,5 kg     6 113
Fallow Doe     5 600
Roebuck 200-600 g 48 15 33 10
Roe doe, kid 150 24 55 18
Wild boar total 19 17 120 28
Boars (Tuskers) upto 20 cm 1 2 23 5
Pheasant 1 000   150  
Hares 180 65 20 10
Partridge 800      

Hunting seasons:Roebucks15th April-10th May
Roe Deer Rut20th Juli-10th August
Fallow Deer Rut05th-20th October
Small GameOctober-January

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