Békés Country

This area belonging to the Békés County in the south eastern corner of Hungary is one of the most important agricultural regions, a larder for Hungary. In most of the area farming is carried out and the area has only 4% woodland.
In the eastern parts of the County there are woods both small and large as well as strips of woodland along the waterways and at the edges of the fields which offer small game and roe deer ideal living conditions.

The River Körös and the river systems of the Hortobágy and Berettyó as well as the lakes and the famous marshland of Biharugra and Kardoskút, and the numerous small fishing lakes offer possibilities for shooting waterfowl.
The rearing of pheasant and hunting have a centuries old tradition in the County. In the small game areas the pheasant are raised under natural conditions. The six week old chicks are set out in the hunting areas in places where they can be fed and get used to the natural conditions. These birds, raised almost naturally are of a very high quality and together with the wild birds ensure excellent pheasant shoots.
The large roe deer population which is of good quality ensure good hunting. The proportion of trophies with medals is great under the roebuck shot here. A roebuck trophy of 500 g or more is not rare. The roebuck hunts in April and May are usually from a vehicle.
There is a free living fallow deer population near the town Gyula.


Nr. of the hunting field: 155

Both hunting areas are near the town Szarvas in the lowland plains of the River Körös, in an area typical for this region. The people live from agriculture; accordingly most of the area is fields which are bordered by rows of trees, bushes and old overgrown farm buildings which offer roe deer and other small game an ideal habitat. The quality and quantity of the roe deer population is good. The roebuck trophies weigh 250-600 g.
Apart from roebuck, hunting clients can shoot pheasant, hares and waterfowl on the Körös river arms. The numbers of the naturally occurring wild pheasant are increased by raised pheasant.

Accommodation: Hunting clients can be accommodated in the town of Szarvas, where there are several guest houses and hotels - for example the Lux Guest House or the Liget Hotel.


Nr. of the hunting field: 157

Most of the area is farming land, with large areas of meadows typical for the great plains. There is little woodland in the area. In the good farming areas maize, corn, rape, sugar beet and sunflowers are planted. In the hunting area there is a good population of roe deer with excellent trophies, and one can also shoot pheasant, hares and doves, when the sunflowers are ripe.

Accommodation: Hunting clients can be accommodated in the town of Szarvas, where there are several guest houses and hotels - for example the Lux Guest House or the Liget Hotel.


Nr. of the hunting field: 158

This hunting area stretches north-west from the village of Kondoros in the direction of Szarvas. Farming is carried out on the better quality lands. The fields are planted with corn, maize, sunflower and hay and are bordered by canals, rows of trees, bushes and small woods. The hay meadows, the pastures offer a varied habitat.
Apart from the roe-deer which is of good quality there are a few fallow deer to be found. There are hunting possibilities for pheasant and hare and the raised but half wild duck in great numbers add to this.

Accommodation: Guests are accommodated in Szarvas where there are several guest houses and hotels - such as the Lux Guest House and the Liget Hotel.


Nr. of the hunting field: 159

This hunting area is in the eastern parts of the County, on the Rumanian border. It is an excellent roe deer and small game area, but the both small and large woodlands, which interrupt the farming land offer red deer, fallow deer and wild boar ideal living conditions, these animals are not numerous but they are permanently in the area. Due to the good habitat the roebuck trophies are excellent, weighing often 450-500 g, where as the red deer stags and the fallow buck have small to average antlers. Some fallow buck are hunted by guests, but the stags are shot by the hunting company. There is also the possibility to shoot pheasants, hares and waterfowl.

Accommodation: There is a comfortable, but simple farm house in the village Kötegyán where 2 double rooms with one shower are available to guests.

Annual Game List:

  Arborétum in Szarvas Táncsics In Szarvas Nimród Gádoros- Nagyszénás Nagyráta Kötegyán Total:
Size 6 600 ha 14 000 ha 6 060 ha 7 980 ha 5 540 ha 40 180 ha
Roebucks 20 70 20 25 40 175
Trophies 250-600 g 250-600 g 250-550 g 250-500 g 250-550 g
Hares ja 1 000 500 200 250 1 950 Stk.
Pheasants 1 800 2 000 800 1 200 300 6 100 Stk.
Waterfowls 1 100 1 500 - 5 000 150 7 750 Stk.


Nr. of the hunting field: 160

This hunting area, in the east of Hungary is one of the best bird shoots in the region. Here one can find lush meadows. Most of the area is farming land and corn, maize and sunflowers are the main crops. 50 ha is planted each year with food for the game.
The high quantity of small game is very impressive. Each year several hundred hares are caught. Also the society raises 8,000-10,000 pheasants each year of which 3,000-5,000 are shot. The classical pheasant shoots start at the beginning of November.
There is a 200 ha fenced area for fallow deer, which can also be hunted in the open areas. Each year fallow bucks with antlers of around 4 kg are shot. It is possible, for those who are interested, to hunt from a vehicle, particularly on roebuck hunts.
There are five professional hunters working in the area, who are responsible for game management.

Hunting Area: 14,200 ha with 18% woodland (oak and acacia)

Accommodation: Hotel Gara*** in Füzesgyarmat. This four floor Hotel is easy to find and lies directly next to the hot springs. The hotel has an air-conditioned restaurant, bar, hot springs, a sauna, solarium, bowling alley, tennis courts and secure parking.

Annual Hunting List:

Game Species Number Trophies
Roebucks 80 250-500 g
(2-3 over 500 g)
Roe Does, Kids 140
Fallow Bucks 6-7 2,0-4,5 kg
Fallow Does, Fawns 20
Pheasants 3000-6000
Waterfowls 300
Hares caught alive and sold

Hunting Seasons - Roebuck: 15th April-10th May
Roe Deer Rut: 20th July-10th August
Duck shooting: 15th October-10th November
Pheasant shooting: 01st November-31st January

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