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Whether you like to hunt with friends on a drive hunt for wild boars, or hunting red deer stags or fallow bucks in the rut, or decide to hunt for moufflon rams or roebuck - this is all possible in the hunting areas of the Bakonyerdő J.S.C. This forestry company belongs to the state and is well known because of its much-loved areas which offer excellent hunting.

The area has 66,000 ha since the 1st May 2007, which makes it one of the largest hunting areas in Hungary. The forestry department runs nine separate hunting areas. There are six hunting lodges available for clients which are furnished with all comforts.
The three hunting areas (Monostorapáti, Keszthely, and Balatonfüred) lie to the north of Lake Balaton and are hilly. The other six areas are situated in the Bakony Forest, the two areas of Pápa and Devecser are all flat terrain. The hunting areas in Farkasgyepű, Bakonybél, Ugod and Bakonyszentlászló are in the High Bakony Forest and are 650-700 m above sea level.


Nr. of the hunting field: 1

Hunting Area: 8,400 ha with 90% woodland (Beech and Oak)
Accommodation: In Büdöskút hunting lodge or in hotels or guest houses
Information: This area is in the middle of the Keszthely Mountains and lies 300-400 m above sea level near to Keszthely. The nearby Lake Balaton and the world famous Spa of Hévíz with its unique thermal lake offer good possibilities for relaxing after hunting.


Nr. of the hunting field: 2

Hunting Area: 7,500 ha with 50% woodland (Beech and Oak)
Accommodation: In hotels or guest houses
Information: This area lies in the Bakony Forest and the trophy quality of the red deer, wild boar and roe deer is average. As the area is only 25 km from Balaton, we recommend this area to hunters wishing to combine hunting with a holiday.


Nr. of the hunting field: 3

Hunting Area: 8,000 ha with 75% woodland (Oak)
Accommodation: In hotels or guest houses
Information: This area is in the uplands of Balaton and offers red deer, wild boar and roe deer a good habitat. The quality of the red deer stags is average as is that of the roe deer - this is where you find thes classical woodland roebuck. The wild boar are numerous. Perfect for hunters wishing to combine hunting with a holiday.


Nr. of the hunting field: 4

Hunting Area: 12,500 ha, flat with a few hills and 40% woodland (Oak)
Accommodation: In the Sárosfő Hunting Lodge 1st Class
Information: This area stretches to both sides from the main road No.8 and is one of the best areas of the Forestry Commission. The fact that about 200 red deer and 240 wild boars are shot here per year speaks for itself. The fallow deer population, which is not so big in number, completes the hunting possibilities.



These are big game areas where fallow and red deer, as well as moufflon, wild boar and roe deer can be hunted. The weight of the antlers is not so high as this is a mountainous area and is between 7-8 kg with dark colour.
These large forested areas offer good drive hunts for wild boar, and amongst these areas Ugod is particularly well known for this. All hunting manners are possible, though hunting from a horse and cart has a special attraction. The hunting lodges in their romantic settings offer non-hunters good recreational value.


Nr. of the hunting field: 5

Hunting Area: 8,000 ha with 65% woodland (Beech and Oak) Accommodation: Németbánya Hunting Lodge, 2nd Class.
There are two double rooms with bathroom in this lodge.


Nr. of the hunting field: 6

The Pápa Forestry has a 5,672 ha hunting area where the small plains meet the Bakony Mountains. The southern part of the area, near Magyarpolány is hilly, but the northern part is flat.
The area has 48% woodland. The usual trees are oak, hornbeam and pine.
Between the two blocks of forest there is 1,800 ha of arable land and 1,000 ha of pastures, which makes the area more diverse. For quality and quantity red deer and wild boars are the most important game species. The roe deer population is average, as is fallow deer.


Nr. of the hunting field: 7

Hunting Area: 4,900 ha with 70% woodland (Beech and Oak)
Accommodation: Huszárokelőpuszta Hunting Lodge 1st-2nd Class.
The two biggest hunting lodges belonging to the forestry are in Huszárokelőpuszta and have 2 single rooms, 8 double rooms and 7 four-bed rooms. Each room has its own bathroom. The hunting lodge also has a sauna.


Nr. of the hunting field: 8

Hunting Area: 3,200 ha with 75% woodland (Beech and Oak)
Accommodation: Somhegy Hunting Lodge 1st Class. Three double rooms with bathroom. There is a hospitable family who takes care of guests in this lodge.


Nr. of the hunting field: 9

Hunting Area: 7,500 ha with 65% woodland (Beech, Oak and Pine)
Accommodation: Hódosér Hunting Lodge 1st-2nd Class.
This elegant hunting house has 4 double rooms with bathroom. Beside the house, there are two wooden chalets each with 2 double rooms and one bathroom. Information: There is a 320 ha fenced - in wild boar area.

Annual Hunting List:

  Keszthely Monostorapáti Balatonfüred Devecser Farkasgyepű Pápa Ugod Bakonybél Bakonyszentlászló
Red Deer Stags 5-8 kg 20 20 15 30 30 20 30 10 15
Red Deer Hinds 55 45 50 160 130 120 110 45 70
Fallow Bucks 2,5-3,5 kg - - - 3 3 3 7 2 5
Fallow Does - - - 40 25 25 85 20 30
Roebuck 200-300 g 30 20 25 40 25 30 25 12 30
Roe Does, Fawns 30 40 90 90 55 70 70 25 70
Moufflon Rams 70-80 cm 5 - - - 5 - 5 2 5
Moufflon Ewes, Lambs 8 - - - 15 - 20 5 10
Wild Boars, in total 85 130 180 240 125 130 220 85 90
Boars (Tuskers) 12-16 cm 20 15 20 15 25 14 30 10 10

Hunting Seasons:Woodcock10th - 25th March
Roe Deer Rut20th July - 5th August
Red Deer Rut10th - 25th September
Fallow Deer Rut10th - 20th October

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