Hunting Fees & Services

Hunting fees


Hungarian hunting licence for 30 days incl. hunting liability insurance


Organisations fee for individual big game hunt


Organisations fee for big game driving and small game shooting


Hungarian hunting licence incl. hunting liability insurance and org. fee for 1 year


Organisation’s fee for taking non-hunting guests (e.g. hunters’ family members) on the hunting field



*The price of the Hungarian hunting licence as shown on the card is fixed by the hunting authority. This price does not include V.A.T., which must also be paid.


If you purchase your Hungarian hunting licence through SEVAKO Ltd., you only pay for one organisation’s fee during the period in which the hunting licence is valid. That is, you can come to hunt with us on more than one occasion during the validity period, but pay only one organisation’s fee.


If you already have a Hungarian hunting licence, please inform us of this fact when you sign a hunting contract with us. Please provide us with the licence number of the hunting card and its validity period, and the name of the firm through which you purchased it. In this case you must pay us only the relevant organisation’s fee (see the table above).

Trophy judgement

Red Deer Stag, Fallow Deer Buck, Moufflon Ram

Roebuck, Boar (Tusker) from 16 cm tusk lenght 25,-EURO/Trophy

Veterinary fee for the non-EU-hunters is charged at the cost price.

Munition will be charged at the cost price!


INVOICING OF THE HUNT direct on the hunting field (paying with cash) can be provided by personnel of SEVAKO Ltd. This must be arranged in advance, in writing. There is an additional charge for this service.


The invoicing in our office in Pápa during office hours is free!



Payment by cheque requires an additional charge of 35,-Euro per check!

We cannot accept credit cards or travellers cheques!


Trophy transport’s fees (delivery to your address)



Red Stag Antlers up to 6 kg (pro trophy)


over 6 kg (pro trophy) 

110,-+ 15,- for each additional kilograms*

*we round up to the next whole kg

Fallow Buck Antlers, Moufflon Horns (pro trophy)


Skin, pelt, fur within EU (pro piece)


mounted wildboar or mouflon cape

by special agreement!

Roebuck Antlers or Boar Tusks (pro trophy)

25,- / piece


up to 5 Trophies 100,- / Parcel
6-10 Trophies
140,- / Parcel
from 11 Trophies
12,- / Piece

The prices above include the fee of transport from the hunting field to the headquarters of Sevako, the fee of the storage by Sevako, the fee for packing and sending but not insurance ! (The fee for the transport of the trophies from the hunting field to the judgement commission and back costs extra!)

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