Wild Boar Hunt in Hungary

(Sus scrofa)
Wild Boar Hunt in Hungary - Hunting Season:
Boars (tuskers), yearlings and piglets - May be hunted the whole year through
Sows 1st June - 31st January

Wild Boar Hunt in HungarySimilar to other European countries, wildboar are the most widespread game species in Hungary: 65% of the wild boar population is found in west Hungary, 31% in the northern mountainous areas and 4% in the plains to the east of the Duna (Danube) River. Wild boars may be hunted throughout the year; farrowing and lactating sows are protected from 1st February until 31st May. The biggest wild boar population is found in the well wooded mountainous areas or in hilly countryside bordering on farmland. Wild boars can be hunted successfully in the forestry areas and in the bordering club hunting areas.
We recommend winter nights with a full moon and snow for hunting wild boars on a single hunt. In the autumn and winter months our guests increasingly combine hunts for red deer hinds and wild-boars, or cull red deer stags and wild boars. It is possible to hunt big boars in wooded areas, where there is a large population of wild boars, although this requires a bit of luck.
Forestry areas are recommended for drive wild boar hunts in open hunting grounds where, apart from the large population of wild boars also the experience and expertise of the professional hunters is a precondition for a successful hunt.
Many forestry areas have built fenced areas for wild boars (at least 200 ha) in order to make wild boar hunting more attractive. Wild boars are always caught in open areas and are released in the fenced areas, so that they are just as wild as their comrades in the open wild.
Bookings for wild boar drive hunts both inside and outside fences should be made as soon as possible, as these hunts require a long period of preparation.

Hungary's very best trophies

Wild Boar No. Year Area Lenght (cm) CIC Points
1. 2003. Budakeszi 27,55 162,85 1. 1.
2. 2000. Budakeszi 25,50 154,80 2. 3.
3. 1995. Szín 28,15 144,90 3. 11.
4. 2004. Hőgyész 25,50 140,85 4. 32.
5. 1999. Nádasdladány 24,65 140,30 5. 34.



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