Roe Deer Hunt in Hungary

(Capreolus c. capreolus)
Roe Deer Hunt in Hungary - Hunting Season:
Roebuck 15th April – 30th September
Roe Doe, Fawns 1st October – 31st January

Roe Deer hunt in Hungary The best time to hunt roebuck in Hungary is traditionally in the second half of April or the beginning of May. Later, when the crops are high, it is much more difficult and time-consuming. The roebuck rutting at the end of July and the beginning of August appeals to many hunters, luring the buck out with a roe caller. For hunters wanting to shoot large trophies, we recommend our partner areas which are not far from the Austrian border, where woodland mixes with farmland. Our areas east of the Duna (Danube) River in the region of Alföld (Hungarian Plains), for example in the region of Kiskunság, in Szolnok, Békés and Szatmár County, are also worthy being considered.
While the west of Hungary reminds of western Europe, the vast plains and fields of east Hungary with the many isolated farms, wells and the open grassland of the Puszta corresponds more with classical image of Hungary. In these areas, roebuck with antlers weighing 200–600 g can be shot. In the west of Hungary most roebuck are shot from raised hides, but in the east, due to the vast open plains, one has to hunt from a vehicle or sometimes a horse and cart, and the shooting distances are often 120–200 m.
The Forestry areas are recommended for guests who would also like to shoot smaller roebuck trophies and to hunt wild-boar at the same time. In these areas we can offer reasonably priced roebuck stalking combined with wildboar hunting – mainly in the summer months.

Hungary's very best trophies

Red Deer No. Year Area Weight (g) CIC Points
1. 1975. Jászkisér 770 231,53 1. 2.
2. 1993. Abádszalók 769 230,75 2. 3.
3. 1965. Martonvásár 766,5 228,68 3. 4.
4. 2004. Napkor 810 214,65 4. 6.
5. 2000. Árpádhalom 682 208,13 5. 8.



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