Red Deer Hunt in Hungary

(Cervus elaphus)
Red Deer Hunt in Hungary - Hunting Season:
Red Stag 1 st September - 31 st October
Cull Stag 1 st September - 31 st January
Hinds 1 st September - 31 st January
Calves 1 st September - 28 st February

Red Deer Hunt in Hungary Hungary is – and always has been – regarded as the classical country for red deer hunting. After the hunting areas were reformed, the Forestry Administrative Departments, with their enormous areas of tens of thousands of hectares, became important for the preservation of the red deer populations.
The biggest red deer stag trophies come from the south of Lake Balaton, in the Somogy Hills, in the catchment area of the Duna (Danube) River, in the very south of the country on the Dráva River and in the west of Lake Balaton. In these area, the weight of the antlers amounts 13 kg or more. There are also good red deer areas in the north of Lake Balaton in the Kisalföld region, where stags with antlers weighing 6–9 kg, sometimes even up to 10 kg can be hunted. Red deer hunts are also recommended in the Middle Mountains such the forestry areas in Bakony Forest, Vértes, Pilis or the Börzsöny Mountains. In these areas, the average weight of the antlers is between 5–7 kg, due to the more adverse conditions.
In Hungary, September is the rutting-time. It starts at the beginning of September in the south of Hungary and ends in the more mountainous north at the end of September or the beginning of October. Red deer stags are either hunted by stalking or from a raised hide. For a successful hunt, guests should plan at least five hunting days.
Guests who do not wish to hunt during the rutting but want to hunt cull stags during the late autumn and winter months, should be aware that it is much more difficult to shoot at this time of year, even in very good red deer hunting areas.

Hungary's very best trophies

Red Deer Stag No. Year Area Weight (kg) CIC Points
1. 1986. Karapancsa 14,50 271,00 1. 3.
2. 1981. Pusztakovácsi 14,00 269,89 2. 6.
3. 2001. Lábod 16,81 265,67 3. 7.
4. 2002. Vörösalma 14,05 263,88 4. 8.
5. 2000. Kerecseny 13,98 263,30 5. 9.



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