Fallow Deer Hunt in Hungary

(Cervus dama dama)
Fallow Deer Hunt in Hungary - Hunting Season:
Fallow Buck 1st October – 31st December
Cull Bucks, Does 1st October – 31st January
Fallow calves 1st October – 28th February

Fallow Deer Hunt in HungaryThe Romans re-introduced fallow deer into Hungary after they were extinct during the last ice age. The present fallow deer populations were improved by the Hungarian landlords and these estates later became State forests and hunting areas belonging to co-operatives.
The largest population of fallow deer in the world can be found in Hungary, in the Forestry Department of Gyulaj, in the wooded areas south of Lake Balaton. Each year, 250–300 fallow buck are shot out of a population of 3,000.
But there are also large populations of fallow deer in the hunting areas along the eastern borders of Hungary and in the Somogy County.
Apart from the well known forestry areas of Guth, Gyula, Gyulaj, Lábod and Lovasberény, we can offer guests hunts in areas belonging to clubs with excellent fallow deer populations.
The best time to hunt for fallow bucks is during the rutting in October. Cull bucks are hunted from November to January, but four full hunting days should be scheduled.
The average weight of the fallow buck antlers is between 2–3,5 kg, but we can offer hunts for big fallow bucks, with trophies exceeding 4 kg, in areas belonging to our partners.

Hungary's very best trophies

Fallow Deer No. Year Area Weight (kg) CIC Points
1. 2002. Guth 5,43 237,63 1. 1.
2. 1991. Guth 6,40 233,11 2. 2.
3. 2001. Szakcs 5,35 223,19 3. 5.
4. 1972. Gyulaj 4,44 220,31 4. 6.
5. 2004. Budakeszi 4,40 220,21 5. 8.



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