How can you take your hunting dog with you to Hungary?

Previous announcement is definitely necessary to the Sevako Ltd.  We can inform you how and under which conditions your four-footed friend could be accommodated in the given hunting area (together with you in your room or in a kennel) and which charges have you to pay for it.

For your dog, you need definitely an international vaccination pass with the valid records of vaccinations.

Which hunting tools are recommended to big-game hunting in Hungary?

Rifle: The recommended minimum calibre (except roebuck hunting) is: 7x64 (.280 Rem) with bullets from 10 gramme (about 155 grains)

- Cartridge: about 20-40 pieces (in the course of drive accordingly more)

- Hunting binoculars: we recommend you the universal binoculars 7x50.

- Spectivs are heavy and can be applied only on rare occasions. For roebuck hunting, spectivs are available on the professional hunter in the hunting areas.

- Hunting bag with a sitting plate/seat

- Strong, waterproof shoes or boots

- Stick for stalking

- Hunting knife

- Electric torch with reserve batteries

How can you travel to Hungary with hunting guns?

Import and export of hunting guns

1. Hunting guests from the EU-countries: In the future, there is no need for gun import licence any more. According to the New York Convention, hunting guns can be transported only with a European Firearms Pass. The invitation letter made up by Sevako Ltd., however, will be necessary in the future, too! At the border, there is no need for registration any more, you can simply cross the border. At the airport, however, guns will be controlled in the future too!


2. Information for hunting guests from non-EU-countries:

Import and export of hunting guns At certain border crossing points (Please see below), you can apply for a gun import licence with the invitation letter sent by Sevako Ltd., with the declaration sheet and with your valid hunting card in your country/gun documents on payment of approximately 13,- Euro.  The gun import licence has to be left at the Hungarian border without warning! In order to apply for a gun import licence, you can cross the border only at the following border cross points. Nickelsdorf-Hegyeshalom, Airport Budapest-Ferihegy.

Customs duty and turnover tax on imported goods - travel with hunting trophies from Hungary in the EU

Entering or leaving the country, only spot check customs examinations will  be carried out, or according to the routine procedure of the EU, hunters can be controlled by mobile customs officers within certain distance of the border zone at any time.

Since the accession of Hungary to the EU (since the 1st of May 2004), the problem of custom duties and/or turnover tax on trophies and preparations at the Austro-Hungarian border does not exist any more. Therefore, custom duties and turnover tax on imported goods is not relevant any more because of the transport within the community.

In case of trophy export from Hungary, the paid invoice and the trophy judgement sheet is necessary for a possible control.

Veterinary provisions – travel with hunting trophies (trophies regularly boiled out and treated with hydrogen peroxide or preparations)

1. European Union. In the EU (Hungary is the member of the EU since 2004), the transport of trophies is a transport within the community, therefore there is no necessary a veterinary treatment or procedure at the Hungarian border any more. With the exception of orders and regulations in case of epidemic.

2. Transport of hunting trophies in the non-EU countries (e.g.: Switzerland): Please, inquire about the valid regulations at the local authorities.

What is absolute necessary to a hunting in Hungary?

- Passport (identity card), European Firearms Pass (if is available) or gun documents/valid hunting card in your country. Attention! In course of the hunting, you always have to take these documents and the Hungarian hunting card taken out by Sevako Ltd. with you.

- Hunting contract and invitation letter to the hunting (are made up and sent by Sevako Ltd.)

- Cash or cheques

- Medicine taken regularly by you

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