Dear our Hunting Friend, dear Visitor,

Our company, the SEVAKO hunting office, is one of the first private hunting agencies in Hungary. Since 1991, when the company was established, we have been one of the biggest and best agencies in Hungary. Thousands of hunting guests took along our reputation to all parts of the world.

First of all, we offer and arrange Hunting in Hungary for visitors from abroad. The base of the Hungarian hunting traditions is the appreciation and the protection of the stock of game that has special features. As a result of the conscious wildlife management based on centuries-old experiences that manages the excellent features of genes well, the Hungarian stock of red deer, fallow deer and roe deer is famous all over the world. Our hunting guests has not only the possibility to bag first-class trophy game but they can also take part in drives for wild boar and pheasant, which seem to be a good amusement with a big bag. Furthermore, they can acquire experiences during hunting for small game or stalking moufflon in the hills.

Our home page presents the best Hungarian hunting areas in German and in English. While preparing the home page, we made efforts to show a comprehensive image about Hungary and the Hungarian hunting. Our descriptions detail the natural endowments of the hunting areas, the stock of game, the annual bag of the game and their trophy size to be expected, the best hunting periods and the available accommodations during the hunting trip.

Over the descriptions of hunting areas, you can also get acquainted with general information about the Hunting in Hungary.

Should our home page arouse your interest, do not hesitate to contact us written or by phone! (Menu item Contact us/Kontakt). Our colleagues can give you information in German, in English and in Hungarian.

We take part in the big European hunting fairs regularly. You are welcome to the exhibition stand of Sevako in Dortmund, in Salzburg or in Ghent.

We consider your personal visit in our office a great honour, which is found in Western Hungary, in the town Pápa, 2 hours travel by car from Vienna and Budapest, in the half-way between the town Győr and the lake Balaton.

György Seregélyes
and the Sevako-Team
Since 1991
Special thanks to
our friend Mr Ödön Blaumann

Thank you for your visit! - SEVAKO Hunting Agency (hunting in Hungary) at the international hunting exhibition 'Jagd und Hund' in Dortmund (D) and 'Hohe Jagd' in Salzburg (A)

Thank you for your visit! - SEVAKO Hunting Agency (hunting in Hungary) at the international hunting exhibition 'Jagd und Hund' in Dortmund (D) and 'Hohe Jagd' in Salzburg (A)
The SEVAKO Hunting Agency, as one of the best known hunting agencies of Hungary had succesfully participated at the "Jagd und Hund' Expo in Dortmund between 30.01-04.02. 2018 as well at the 'Hohe Jagd' Expo in Salzburg between 22-25.02. 2018.

THE FIRST FEW RED STAGS killed by SEVAKO clients it the rutting season in Hungarian hunting fields.

THE FIRST FEW RED STAGS killed by SEVAKO clients it the rutting season in Hungarian hunting fields.
Hunting in Hungary: The first 'SEVAKO' red deer stags of the 2012 season shot on the last days of August
(The hunting of stags before the 1 September is possible only in special areas and with special licences.)

NEW! The first 'spring-roebucks' of 2017!

NEW! The first 'spring-roebucks' of 2017!
Hunting in Hungary: Please look at our website gallery for the latest pictures from the 2017 roe buck season.

Special Offers for Hunting in Hungary
Special prices for fallow buck hunt in famous fallow deer area Gyulaj, in Hungary.
Fallow buck hunting for trophies between 3,00-4,00 kg.
Hunting is between 10th November 2018 and 28th February 2019 possible.
4 days wild boar driven hunt package - 12-17 January 2019
6 days trip with 5 nights and 4 days hunting programm in beautiful hilly forest areas in South of Hungary.
12-15 hunters
The basic cost is fixed at € 1.750,-  (£ 1.560,-) and includes all fixed items  connected with the hunt:
- participation fee for 4No. days driven hunting, incl. 4x4 vehicle transport during tze hunt
- Hungarian hunting licence
- accomodation in a nice hunting hotel and food for the duration (from the supper on arrival day up to the breakfast on last day)

The expected bag is estimated at some 70-90 head of games (ca. 80% wild boar and 20% red/fallow deers).

Extra costs to pay are:
- All shooting fees according to the price list of the hunting field - each hunter of the group will be charged for the animals he shoot, either on an average cost per animal basis OR according to the price list. Please contact us for the detailled price list and all additional information at!

- airport transfers approx. € 950,- for the group
- single room supplement. € 15,-/night
- drinks
- tips
- flights to Hungary
- drinks
Hunting in Hungary: Game bird shootings in Hungary for groups of 6-8 sportsmen. Pheasant shootings in general, duck shootings, hares and partrides additionally.

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