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Hunting in Hungary,Hunt in Hungary,Hunting Trips Our company, the SEVAKO hunting office, is one of the first private hunting agencies in Hungary. Since 1991, when the company was established, we have been one of the biggest and best agencies in Hungary. Thousands of hunting guests took along our reputation to all parts of the world.

First of all, we offer and arrange Hunting in Hungary for visitors from abroad. The base of the Hungarian hunting traditions is the appreciation and the protection of the stock of game that has special features. As a result of the conscious wildlife management based on centuries-old experiences that manages the excellent features of genes well, the Hungarian stock of red deer, fallow deer and roe deer is famous all over the world.

Special thanks to
our friend Mr Ödön Blaumann

Thank you for your visit! - Sevako Hunting Agency at the international hunting exhibitions in Dortmund (D) and in Salzburg (A)

Thank you for your visit! - Sevako Hunting Agency at the international hunting exhibitions in Dortmund (D) and in Salzburg (A)
The Sevako Hunting Agency, as one of the best known hunting agencies of Hungary had succesfully participated at the "Jagd und Hund' Expo in Dortmund between 31.01-05.02, 2012 as well at the 'Hohe Jagd' Expo in Salzburg between 23-26.02, 2012.

Changes in Hunting Seasons in Hungary

There are some changes in the hunting seasons in Hungary from the 24 July 2012.

NEW! The first 'spring-roebucks' of 2015!

NEW! The first 'spring-roebucks' of 2015!
Please look at our website gallery for the latest pictures from the 2015 roe buck season.

Special Offers for Hunting in Hungary
LAST MINUTE OFFERS for Red Stag Hunt in the very best state and private hunting fields in Hungary.
10% discount the red stag shooting fees during the rutting!

3 days wild boar driven hunt
in South-West of Hungary, in free range area, south of the Lake Balaton. For a group of 10-14 hunters.
Ideal number of hunters would be a group of 13-15 sportsmen. If there will be only less than 10 hunters, the hunt won't be done!
Date of hunt:2-6 or 3-7 January 2017, 3 hunting days (5 days programm with 4 nights)
The estimated bag of 3 days hunt is approx. 40-70 head of game in total (wild boar and fallow deer hind and calf)  with 12 hunters
Special offer for fallow buck hunt in famous fallow deer area Gyulaj, in Hungary.
Fallow buck hunting package programms for 3-3,5 kg trophies resp. 3,5-4 kg trophies  from October 2016.
We offer you price reduction from the package prices.

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